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Original story (published on March 26, 2022) follows:

Several users are reporting issues when trying to connect to their Nest Router or while trying to get a new Google Home/Nest device set up.

Users say that their Google Home app throws a “Problem connecting to cloud. Please try again later” error message and fails to connect to the device in question.

The issue has been doing rounds for quite some time now but seems to have resurfaced owing to a recent spike in complaints. Some of these complaints have been given below:


I am trying to set up my Nest router and 3 mesh points. FYI, The Google mesh points are the older version (I wanted to be able to hard wire them). Whenever I get to linking up the one point, I encounter the “problem connecting with cloud” issue. When I first did a set up the first two points I used, linked up no problem.

Problem connecting to the cloud on Google Nest. How do I get this resolved. Help. I am connected but get message problem connecting to the cloud. I reset my router and reinstalled google home. I am connected to the point but can’t past the cloud message.

The issue isn’t limited to one or two Google Nest devices as users have bumped into the same “Problem connecting to cloud” error when trying up a range of different devices some of them being Google Home Hub Max, Nest Camera, Home Mini, and others.

Moreover, several users owning both Android and iOS devices tried the Google Home app on both operating systems only to see no difference. This establishes that the issue is persistent across all platforms.


Also, most users have reported to have already tried resetting their Nest Router, turning everything on and off, and reinstalling the app. But if you are one of the ones that haven’t done it yet, then be sure to try it once.

Anyway, we have curated a list of workarounds for you to try. Hopefully, one of them will click:

Workarounds for the Google Nest/Home “Problem connecting to cloud” issue

1. Try disconnecting ethernet cord:


2. Ensure you’re not using Google Workspace email:

* Checking that you ISP hasn’t given you a static IP, is so you might need to add that to the WAN settings
* Ensure you’re not using a Google Suite email address to configure Google Home

3. Switch language temporarily:

It happens to people who set the iPhone or iPad with language other than English. Well, the solution is simple. Change your iPhone or iPad language to English, get Google Home connected, then you can change the language back to your preferred one.

4. Other workarounds:


Update 1 (October 26, 2022)

10:15 am (IST): If you are currently facing issues with Google Nest, then you aren’t the only one having problems lately.

Fresh reports on Downdetector suggest that Google Nest is currently down or not working for many.

Update 2 (October 27, 2022)

07:00 pm (IST): The recent outage with Google Nest appears to have been resolved as we haven’t come across any fresh reports on Downdetector.

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