In addition to the traditional high-end Google Pixels, the company also offers the ‘Pixel A’ as the entry-level smartphones to the family.

The newest member in the lineup is the Google Pixel 6a. This device boasts of having the same Google Tensor chipset from its more expensive brothers, as well as remarkable cameras and the latest Android updates.

The smartphone also shares the same design line as the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. In case you don’t like how it looks, one of the options you have to customize it is third-party vinyl skins.


However, it appears that Google Pixel 6a users will have to be extra careful when using vinyl skins as the rear panel paint may peel off upon removal.

What are ‘vinyl skins’ for smartphones?

A vinyl skin is basically a sheet that you can put on the body (and even edges) of your smartphone to change its design. Vinyls can offer both a new look and a new feeling in hand.

The vinyl skins not only change the design, but also add an extra layer of protection to the body of the smartphone against scratches. Therefore, they can be ideal for those users who hate traditional cases.


‘Capes’ is one of the most popular vinyl skin sellers in India. Among the company’s product catalog there are also options available for the Google Pixel 6a.

That said, Capes will no longer be selling vinyl skins for the Google Pixel 6a. This decision was made in order not to affect the physical integrity of Google’s affordable smartphone.

Google Pixel 6a rear panel paint may peel off with vinyl skins removal

Through an official statement, Capes revealed that the Google Pixel 6a rear material is a type of plastic covered with a paint that is not very resistant to vinyl skin removal.

Announcement: Update for skins of Google Pixel 6a

After further testing of our Google Pixel 6a skins,our Product Dev team found the material of the Phone Back to be a certain type of Plastic,wherein there is a chance that upon removal of the skin,the paint might peel off.

The device’s finish appears to be so sensitive to removal of vinyl skins that Capes made a tough call. From now on, they will not offer any more vinyl skins for the Google Pixel 6a in their catalog.

Hence, we will be discontinuing all textures for the Google Pixel 6a model. To make up for this inconvenience to all our customers, we will be refunding the order amount to all those who Purchased Pixel 6a skins from us. While not recalling the sent skins.

The company will even refund those who bought a Pixel 6a vinyl skin. So, it seems that it is a serious issue, and they want to save themselves from any problems in the future.

The same could happen with other vinyl brands that share material supplier

It’s worth pointing out that many of the most important vinyl skins sellers share the same supplier: 3M. In addition to Capes, other big names in the segment such as ‘dbrand’ and ‘Slickwraps’ acquire the material from 3M.

Therefore, if the problem occurs with one vinyl brand, it is likely that it can also occur with other brands that use the same type of material.

At the moment, companies like dbrand and Slickwraps still offer products for Google Pixel 6a (1, 2). However, if you still want to cover your smartphone with a vinyl, keep in mind the Capes warning.

NOTE: You can also check the Google Pixel 6 series bugs/issues tracker.

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