[Update: Oct. 19] TikTok video under review? Here's what it means

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Original story (published on April 22, 2022) follows:

Since its birth, TikTok has found itself surrounded by contention. From getting banned to promoting content that may seem cringy to some, the app has been at the center of a lot of debates.

TikTok homes a lot of young creators who on multiple occasions have faced controversies. Trends like the Blue Whale challenge and Blackout challenge have landed the app into trouble in the past.

The number of downloads on Play Store and App Store suggests the craze of the app and it is the high traffic that may attract glitches.


Recently, an issue came to light which restricted content creators from uploading a video on TikTok and consistently threw an error “videos under review”.

Frustrated TikTok users took to social media channels to raise the complaint. The issue clearly isn’t limited to a few users.


But what exactly does it mean when your video is under review on TikTok? Here’s a possible theory.

After facing a lot of controversies in the past, TikTok certainly does not wish to trigger another. To ensure no harmful content is floated, videos are put under review to check if they pass the filters before going live.

Their official website goes on to highlight this issue as well.

Our algorithms are designed with trust and safety in mind. For some content – such as spam, videos under review, or videos that could be considered upsetting or depict things that may be shocking to a general audience – we may reduce discoverability, including by redirecting search results or limiting distribution in the For You feed.

But what makes this issue unique is that it isn’t limited to just a few users but in fact has troubled many out there. And for this very reason, it might actually need TikTok’s immediate attention.

The company did come forward and acknowledged the ongoing issue and took a couple of hours to finally fix the issue.


For TikTok users, this has become a norm but thumbs up to the developers as the issues are quickly fixed most of the time.

Update 1 (February 10)

03:33 pm (IST): TikTok users are again facing ‘under review’ error when trying to upload a video. Users say that their content remain under review for hours.

Moreover, some have also reported an issue where videos get stuck while uploading and throws an error message ‘Video is being processed’.

Here are some reports for reference:

tiktok was having issues earlier today, if you try to share your video and it says “under review” it means it hasn’t been posted – mine stayed that way for hours until it magically posted (Source)

I posted on tiktok an hour ago and it still says video is being processed? Tiktok make it make sense (Source)

Yeah ram into the video being processed earlier too. Tiktok is whack sometimes (Source)

Update 2 (October 19)

10:40 am (IST): Multiple reports indicate that TikTok users are again dealing with the issue where they are unable to post videos due to getting stuck on ‘under review’ while processing.

Well I think my tiktok account is currently being blocked from posting. All videos I’m trying to post are being “processed” and don’t show up on any other account besides my own @TikTokSupport I’m 23 years old, what did I do wrong?

@TikTokSupport @TikTokHelp I have 3 accts because of the constant banning and censorship for being a conservative. Today you guys are holding ALL my videos on all my 3 accounts in review for no reason. I cannot post anything, even me just talking about random things r held.

It’s worth pointing out that a similar issue was occurring on YouTube a few hours ago. However, this problem has already been resolved by Google.

That said, the TikTok team is already aware of the issue and working on a fix, but there is no ETA yet.

Thanks for reaching out. Our team is aware of this issue and we’re actively working on a fix. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Also, an outage recently occurred on the TikTok servers, so it’s possible that the issue started after that. But, there is no official confirmation of this yet.

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