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The first stable version of the new OS was already available for these devices from October 2021.

Since Android 12 launch, Google has continued to work on sending updates with additions, improvements, bug fixes and more to its mobile devices.

However, a change brought by the February Android 12 update for Google Pixels is not pleasing to some users. The change affects how ongoing calls appear in the UI.

Apparently, the “ongoing call chip” in status bar that Google Pixel phones received last year is no longer present after the February update, being replaced by notification bubbles (1, 2, 3, 4).

The Google Pixel ongoing call chip in status bar

The ongoing call chip was one of the many cosmetic changes in Android 12. This is basically a kind of pill placed to the left of the status bar (top of the screen).

The aforementioned ‘pill’ remains in the status bar while the call is in progress. It displays a phone symbol and the current duration of the call. Also its color automatically adapts to the background (Material You theming).


When the user touches the ongoing call chip, the Google Phone app opens. The ongoing call notification in the notification shade is also different with a smaller size and additional options (like ‘mute call’).

For those who don’t know, the previous method of displaying the ongoing call was an intrusive notification bubble. So, the ongoing call chip was a welcome addition.

The feature disappeared in the February update

However, the Google Pixel Android 12 February update reversed the change and returned to notification bubbles. This is bothering many users who prefer the more minimalistic style of the ongoing call chip.

Call duration chip missing from status bar?

Hey so I loved the Android 12 design of displaying the call duration in the status bar during a call when you switch to another screen / app.

Recently it’s back to using the “chat head / bubble” and I can’t figure out how to get the chip back. Does anybody know if this was a design change or if there’s an option to bring the chip back?

Phone app no longer using the “chip” (back to bubble?)

On an up to date Pixel 6 Pro and I’ve had my phone app start using the bubble again. At first it was with the new chip style notification, but now that’s gone as well and it’s just a regular old notification again. Anyone else seeing this?

It is not yet known if this is an intentional change by Google or some kind of bug in the update. Affected users will have to wait for an official statement on the matter for more details.

We will update this article once new updates related to the missing Google Pixel ongoing call chip arise.

Update 1 (February 16, 2022)

02:18 pm (IST): A product expert on the Google community confirmed that this issue has been escalated to the development team for further investigation and also asked the affected users to send their feedback from the Phone app.

Update 2 (February 26, 2022)

07:10 pm (IST): One of the affected users pointed out that disabling the app to display over others resolves this issue, however, it comes back after a while. So, this can only be used as a temporary workaround.

Update 3 (April 06, 2022)

04:43 pm (IST): The issue where the ongoing call chip in the status bar is replaced by notification bubbles is marked as ‘Won’t fix (Intended behavior)’ on Google Issue Tracker. This means it won’t be fixed, at least not in Android 12.

Update 4 (October 19, 2022)

05:55 pm (IST): The issue with the ongoing call chip being replaced by the notification bubbles in the status bar is now fixed and the changes will show up in a future build.

NOTE: You can also check the bugs/issues tracker dedicated to Android 12 on Google Pixel phones.

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