[Updated] When is Parler app coming back to Google Play Store for Android users? Here's what you need to know

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Original story (published on May 18) follows:

Parler was wrapped in controversy earlier this year after the Capitol riots as many claimed that the app was to blame for spreading false information, hate, and threats of physical violence.

The application was removed from the Google Play Store and the App Store as a result and Amazon terminated the platforms hosting too.

That said, Parler was back up and running a month later but recently the app and website went down for a brief period after finally going live again.


The good news for Parler users does not end there since the app — on Monday — came back to the App Store, albeit with a few restrictions to keep in line with Apple’s guidelines.

Of course, Parler is available for Android smartphones as well via the official APK, however, the app is yet to make an appearance on the Google Play Store again.

Hence, many individuals who’ve been waiting for Parler to return to the Google Play Store for Android devices have taken to Twitter to seek some more information.


I can’t get Parler on the Google app store for my android. Anyone else? (Source)

@parler_app when is it coming back to Android? (Source)

At present, Parler has not made any official statement regarding the availability of the app via the Google Play Store.

But since Parler is available on the App Store, one would assume that the Android version should not be far off.

However, that might not be the case if words from an emailed statement from the interim Parler CEO — Mark Meckler — are taken into account.

Anything allowed on the Parler network but not in the iOS app will remain accessible through our web-based and Android versions. This is a win-win for Parler, its users, and free speech.

This statement suggests that Parler will not enforce strict moderation on the Android app and its website to stay in line with its core value that encourages “freedom of expression”.

Hence, Google may not reinstate the app to the Play Store. But since Android is an open platform, Parler will be available to download for Android phones as an installable APK file.

Of course, this is pure speculation at this point and a Google spokesperson has confirmed that Parler is welcome back once the company submits an app that complies with its content moderation policies.

As we stated back in January, Parler is welcome back in the Play store once it submits an app that complies with our content moderation policies, which preclude things like physical threats to individuals and inciting violence. (Source)

That said, we’ll keep tabs on the situation and will post an update when there are any further developments regarding the availability of the Parler app for Android on the Google Play Store.

Update 1 (May 21, 2021)

Parler has now officially confirmed the Android app is now available for sideloading (outside the Google Play Store). Here is what the official page says:

Installing the Parler App on Android Devices Outside the Google Play Store (Sideloading)
The Parler app for Android is available for devices running Android OS 5 or later.

Apps distributed outside the Google Play Store are flagged as coming from “unknown sources.” This doesn’t mean they’re dangerous; they’re simply not monitored or financially tied to Google. So long as you obtain apps through trusted sources, sideloading is a safe alternative to get the apps you love.

The Parler app for Android is available for sideloading. Parler can only support the one downloaded from this specific page.

Update 2 (Oct. 18, 2022)

There is big news related to Parler app as the famous rapper Kanye West will buy it. However, this is raising some questions.

When these types of transactions occur, the value of the company can be significantly affected (both for better and for worse).


So, Parler app investors and users are very interested in knowing who is the current owner and CEO of Parler, as well as the net worth of the service.

For those interested, George Farmer is the current Parler app CEO and his approach to Kanye West was through George’s wife: Candace Owens.

Moving on to the current value of the company, Parler app has raised about 56 USD million to date. The social network has 16 million registered accounts, although only around 250,000 are active users.

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