[Updated] Xbox Series X sound not working in games or apps for some, potential workaround inside

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Xbox is a gaming console brand developed and owned by Microsoft. The games built for the Xbox Series X showcase significantly reduced load times and fascinating visuals.

Its 3D Spatial Sound uses advanced algorithms to create immersive lifelike worlds that put you at the center of your experience.

However, this advanced audio technology isn’t enough to ensure the smooth gaming experience that players were looking for.

Xbox Series X sound not working in games

According to reports, Xbox Series X users (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) are facing an issue where in-game sound is not working with some games and apps.


Sound plays through both my tv and sound bar as I move around the Xbox main menu. But as soon as I click on an app or game, there is no audio. Any advice? Was working previously

Tried following every tutorial I can find but none are working, I have series x and the menu sounds work perfectly fine but as soon as I load an app or a game it goes silent. Any help really appreciated

Apparently, the Xbox Series X only plays sound in the main menu and dashboard. But sound completely disappears in some games.

There are also some users who believe that the problem might be with some Samsung smart TVs as well.

The issue is troubling users in a way that it makes their experience less immersive and enriching. Some players also don’t get to fully enjoy the games that are being played because of no sound.

Potential workaround

Fortunately, an Xbox ambassador shared a workaround that can help solve the missing in-game sound issue temporarily. It involves resetting the TV or consoles.


That said, we’ll keep tabs on any new developments and will update the article if and when there’s any useful information to share.

Update 1 (September 19, 2022)

05:47 pm (IST): One of those affected has suggested a potential workaround for the issue where sound isn’t working in games or apps. You can check it out below.

I started having this problem a few days ago. There was sound on some games but not others. I unplugged my HDMI cable and put it in to another port on my TV and the sound came back straight away (Source)

Update 2 (September 26, 2022)

06:02 pm (IST): One of those affected has suggested a workaround that might help you resolve this issue. You can check it out below.

The only thing I’ve known to work is open the game. And leave it for about an hour and a half. Then audio (for that game) works from there on out. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s on the local drive or external. It seems to be an loading issue. Xbox better get their sh*t together and fix this considering this is a 500$ console (Source)

Update 3 (September 27, 2022)

04:55 pm (IST): Here’s a workaround suggested by one of our readers that might help you resolve the audio issue with Xbox. You can check it out below.

The issue is wth the communication of the xbox and the tv’s ARC channel. The easiest solution is to use a different hdmi input on the tv. If you cant or dont want to, unplugging the tv and plugging it back in should fix the problem. I saw this recommended in another post and has worked for me.

Thanks for the tip: Steve Patrick!

Update 4 (October 10, 2022)

02:10 pm (IST): One of our readers has suggested a workaround that could help Samsung TV users mitigate the audio issue with the Xbox Series X.

Hold down the power button for the Samsung tv until the power goes off and the Samsung sign comes back on the screen. It’s not an Xbox issue it’s a Samsung tv issue. Just need to reset the tv by doing the above and sound comes back.

Thanks for the tip: Paul Slattery!

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