Pokemon Go players unable to use some Pokemon in Evolution Cup, issue under investigation (workaround inside)

Niantic’s recently rolled out a new season for Pokemon Go called the Season of Light with a ton of new content, improved features and weekly events.

That said, there’s also a new addition to its Go Battle League called the Evolution Cup which only allows Pokemon that have evolved at least once and have the scope of evolving again.

Pokemon Go players unable to use Pokemon in Evolution Cup

Many Pokemon Go players (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) are reporting an issue where there are unable to use some Pokemon in the Evolution Cup even if they are eligible.


@NianticHelp why can’t I pick Pokémon in Evolution cup like Golbat and Gloom if I don’t have the final stage in my dex?

Trying to select Pokémon for the evolution cup… Mons that should be eligible are grayed out, anybody know why?

Hey @NianticHelp, why I cannot use Shadow or Purified Pokémon in Evolution Cup? Is this a bug?

It seems that many are unable to select some of the Pokemon as they appear grayed out in the menu.

Dusclops, Piloswine, Golbat, Grotle, Sealeo, and Dragonair are a few examples of Pokemon that are reportedly unavailable or banned from the Evolution Cup.

When players try to use the Pokemon, they get a pop-up that says ‘This Pokemon can’t be used in this cup’. This issue occurs for Pokemon that are evolved and are eligible for further evolutions.

Official acknowledgment and potential workaround

Fortunately, Niantic Support has acknowledged the issue and said that the team is currently working on it.


We have also come across a workaround that can possibly help fix the issue temporarily.

Update. Reinstalled game, now it’s eligible

Those affected can try using the above-mentioned workaround until the team comes up with a permanent solution.

We’ll keep tabs on further developments and update the article accordingly.

Note: You can also check our Pokemon GO bugs/issues tracker.

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