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Google is a technology giant that participates in multiple segments of the industry. A few years ago, the company developed Google Assistant to facilitate access to certain actions through voice commands.

The Google Assistant has been gaining more and more features over the years. Today, Assistant is baked right into smart speakers and other smart home products, mainly Google Home or Nest devices.

Google integrated Assistant into its smart speakers for voice command control. And thanks to that, Google Home and Nest speakers can answer your questions, control other devices connected to the same network, etc.

One of the best Google Home and Nest features is support for multiple voice queries. That is, combining multiple commands or queries to form a composite command that can perform more complex actions.

But it seems that in the last few days the feature has not been working properly for many users.

Google Home or Nest multiple voice queries not working

According to multiple reports, there is currently an issue where multiple voice queries are not working on Google Home or Nest speakers.

Google Home chain commands or combined queries are formed using ‘and’ between each individual command. But in the last few days, Google Home or Nest owners have had to use individual commands due to this issue.


Suddenly can no longer chain multiple commands with ‘and’ anymore. Is it just me? Commands like “Turn on the light and turn off the fan” stopped working for me, and now I have to issue them as separate commands.

Just curious if this is happening to everyone, or it’s just another example of an inexplicable anomaly that only affects one person, no one has any resolution, and I just have to wait a few weeks till it inexplicably returns to normal?

When Google Home or Nest speaker users try to run multiple voice queries, they just get ‘I’m sorry, I’m not sure how to help with that’ as a response.

Google Assistant not carrying out multiple commands. Has anyone else’s Assistant stopped being able to handle multiple commands? I used to be able to ask my Nest Hub to change the state of two Hue lights with an AND command E.g. Turn off the living rooms lights AND turn on the bedroom lights.

However, in the last couple of days my Hubs and Home devices just reply with “I’m sorry, I’m not sure how to help with that”, meaning I have to say each command separately.

Issue already escalated for investigation

Fortunately, a product expert in Google’s community forum confirmed that the issue has already been escalated to the development team.

Hi @JMaytum I am also experiencing this issue. I have escalated this to the Google Assistant team and will also send your post over to the Google Nest support crew. I did try to re sync my devices, cleared Home and Google app’s caches but none of those steps helped.

We will update this story as related future events unfold.

Update 1 (Oct. 4, 2022)

05:38 pm (IST): According to some of those affected, the issue with multiple voice queries not working on Google Home and Nest has now been resolved.

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