Google Translate not working or throws 'Check your connection and try again' error for some users, but there's a potential workaround

Google Translate is one of the company’s most popular and widely used products. As its name suggests, it is a translator with support for hundreds of languages that over the years has received multiple features.

For example, the ‘Translate’ technology allows Google to offer live translation (live captions), direct translation from texts, transcription and more.


However, lately some Google Translate users have been dealing with an issue where the tool is not working as they only get an error message that says ‘Can’t translate. Check your connection and try again’.

Google Translate ‘Check your connection and try again’ error message

According to multiple reports, some users are unable to use Google Translate due to the ‘Check your connection and try again’ error.

The message appears to affect users every time they try to translate between English and any other language. There doesn’t seem to be a common reason why the service isn’t working for some specific profiles.

google-translate-check-your-connection-and-try-again-error-1 (1)

App won’t translate. Get error message: “Can’t translate. Check Connection.”

I get error message – “Can’t translate Check your connection.” Connectivity good &strong. Works for all other apps. Cleared all data. Still doesn’t work. Help!

Unable to translate

When trying to translate any language I am receive the error ‘Cant translate. Check your connection and try again’. I’ve tried using both WiFi and mobile and are both working. I have also tried deleting cache, data and reinstalling but to no avail. Using a MotoG 30 and fully updated OS.

The problem persists whether using Wi-Fi or mobile data, so the network quality doesn’t really seem to be its source.

A potential workaround

According to one user, the problem started after the Google Translate app v6.44.0.469709044.2 update.

version with my account

It always show “can’t translate check your connection and try again” after update to version at same account. But it works when I use without an acount.

A potential workaround for Android users could be to install an older version of the app that worked without any problems, probably before v6.44.0.469709044.2.

They also mention that Google Translate works when logged out of their Google account. So, if you are one of those facing the issue, you can try using Translate when logged out of your Google account as another workaround.

There is no official acknowledgment of the issue from the Google support team. But we will update this story once relevant events related to the topic arise in the future.

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