NBA 2K23 is the latest edition in the immensely popular basketball game franchise. There are several game modes that incorporate the preferences of different players.

However, many NBA 2K23 players are facing issues with the Paint Defense, Steals, and frequent crashing in The Rec game mode and demand fixes for them.

NBA 2K23 Paint Defense issue

Numerous players want Paint Defense to be buffed in a future update since they believe they cannot defend against their opponents (1,2,3,4,5).

NBA Paint defence

NBA 2K23 players are claiming that even when they are using players that have exceptional Paint Defense stats, they are still unable to prevent opponents from scoring by blocking their shots.

Due to the fact that the game doesn’t reward players for being in advantageous positions to defend, it dampens how often a player enjoys playing a match.

but fix the steals on this damn game I lose games cuz I get ripped by a center when I have playmaking take over wtf is this shit this isn’t even fun to fucking play no more and the paint defense is damn near worse and why do I run out of stamina so quick shit I got gym rat

@Beluba @Ronnie2K fix paint defense No reason why my hand is going through the ball I have a 93 paint defense and a 95 block. Shorter defenders are making contested layups over me when I have rim takeover active

NBA 2K23 Steals issue

Players are also demanding Steals be nerfed as they feel this game mechanic is too overpowered and that they can’t play well offensively in the game due to it (1,2,3,4,5).

NBA 2K23 players demand fixes

An Unpluckable Badge reduces the possibility that a player will be stripped of a basketball when using a dribbling maneuver by the opposing defense.

However, many argue that even having a player with a high ball handling stat and a gold Unpluckable Badge, the ball is still stolen much too frequently. This shouldn’t be happening.

Several players consider the number of steals that occur throughout a match to be completely unrealistic and something that many others can easily exploit by repeatedly spamming the defensive action buttons.

@Beluba steals are way too overpowered. Please fix it. I cant go anywhere and i have unpluckable on gold with a 94 ball handle. People spam steals and it always works

Fix da steals please it’s no way a bum that just spam square with a 54 steal takes it from me every time I move

Another issue that has plagued many NBA 2K23 players is the constant crashing in The Rec game mode (1,2,3,4). Others claim they experience a problem where the controller settings constantly reverts back to default.

Owing to these issues, the game becomes unplayable sometimes as these mechanics are too strong and get abused by many players, which makes the gameplay as a whole very one-dimensional.

We hope developers listen to these NBA 2K23 players and fulfill their demand by releasing fixes for Paint Defense, Steals, and crashing in The Rec mode issues.

As always, we will be updating this space as and when we come across more information so stay tuned.

Featured image source: NBA 2K23

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