[Updated] Google Sheets 'Set Custom Page Break' not working or broken, issue escalated for investigation (workaround inside)

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Original story (published on April 02, 2022) follows:

Google Sheets is the company’s alternative in the spreadsheet software segment. It is part of the Google Workspace suite made up of applications designed for productivity and collaboration.

However, for weeks some Google Sheets users have been facing an issue while trying to set a custom page break where the breaks behave buggy and erratically.

Google Sheets ‘Set Custom Page Break’ feature broken

The Google Sheets Custom Page Break feature is especially useful for documents that are going to be printed. The format of a spreadsheet is different from that of a Word document, as there are no clearly separated pages.

So, to print a spreadsheet, there must be a tool that allows you to set where a page ends and the next page begins. For these cases, there are Page Breaks.

That said, according to multiple reports, the Google Sheets ‘Set Custom Page Break’ option is not working properly. When affected users try to set a page break, the breaks refuse to move or randomly jump all over the place.

Google Sheets: “Set Custom Page Break” not working properly

As of yesterday, while trying to set custom page breaks, the breaks won’t snap to where I want them to. They jump all over the place, acting all buggy and adding breaks where I don’t want them to. This is rendering printing useless… Is anyone experiencing the same? Has anyone found a workaround? Thanks!

Page Breaks in Google Sheets are not changing when I edit them

I have a strange problem. I have a sheet that’s reporting Key Performance Indicators, and when I try to adjust the page breaks by going through Print -> Custom Page Breaks -> Edit, the page breaks refuse to move.

It creates a bunch of random page breaks that don’t make any sense. When I try to move or delete them, they snap back into place. I’ve never seen anything like this.

Official acknowledgment, a potential workaround

Some users suggest that hidden rows in the document are to blame for the issue. As a potential workaround, you can try the following:

My current work-around is to move the hidden rows lower in the sheet, below where I am trying to print.

Fortunately, the Google Sheets team is already aware of the glitch and is working on it. However, there are no details yet on an ETA for a fix.

Dear Google Sheets users, thank you so much for bringing this issue to our attention and we’ve heard you. It has been escalated to the product team and we will get back to you after our investigation. Thank you for your patience!

We will update this story once there is any change on the matter.

Update 1 (Sept. 21, 2022)

02:02 pm (IST): Many Google Sheets users are now reporting (1, 2) that the ‘page breaks’ aren’t saving for them.

Luckily, a product expert has acknowledged the issue and said that they’ve escalated it to the team for further investigation.

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