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Original story (published on September 8, 2022) follows:

Instagram is one of the most used social platforms worldwide. The service started out as a photo-focused app, but now also offers short videos.

Instagram not only allows you to upload your favorite photos and short videos, but also allows you to start live broadcasts.

Images and videos can be uploaded in two Instagram sections: live feed and stories. The difference between both sections is that Instagram Stories are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

That said, currently many users are frustrated due to a change in the Instagram Stories behavior where they are auto-playing with audio even with phone on silent mode.

Instagram Stories auto-playing with audio on silent mode after latest update

Normally, Instagram Stories with audio included were played with the sound turned off if the user device was set to ‘silent mode’.

But, the behavior of Instagram Stories changed after a recent update. Now, Stories play automatically with audio on even with the phone in ‘silent mode’ and users are unable to mute them.


IG story audio automatically playing

Can someone tell me how to stop the audio from automatically playing when opening up people’s stories?

Just noticed it today. I usually check Instagram stories when riding a bus or waiting in line in the store, now it’s impossible to do it without first manually bringing the phone sound level down before opening Instagram and then remembering to put it back again due to audio.

The change is frustrating many users who have been accustomed to traditional behavior for years. The auto-activation of audio in Instagram Stories is being a nuisance for many.

A Redditor suggested Instagram would like to make Stories more similar to Reels as the potential cause of the change:


The update also brought an annoying bug

According to reports, the new update also brings a bug that makes the situation even worse.

It seems that Instagram Stories audio is forcing priority over audio from other apps. That is, the sound overlaps that of other music or podcasts apps.

It now seems unrelated to whether audio is on or off for reels so I’m stuck with having story audio playing at the same time as my music or podcasts in the background 😒

The audio even continues to play when you exit the Instagram app. The only way to fix this is to forcefully close the app.

Yes, this has been happening to me all day. Even worse— the story sound continues after I close my screen. I have to force close Instagram to make it stop.

No official acknowledgment, potential workaround

There is still no official acknowledgment of the issue from the Instagram team. But, there is a potential workaround you can try (access the link from here):


We will update this story as events unfold.

Update 1 (September 09, 2022)

10:48 am (IST): A Redditor pointed out that they are facing the same issue with Facebook stories as well. This suggests that Meta might have made some changes to these social media apps.

However, there is no official acknowledgment from Meta over the same as of yet.

Update 2 (September 12, 2022)

09:33 am (IST): One of our team member has confirmed that this isn’t an issue in the previous version of the app. That means stories are playing without sound when phone is on silent mode in v250.

Hence, Android users can revert back to the previous version and see if the issue is resolved. However, iOS users will have to wait until the issue is resolved as it isn’t possible to downdgrade the app version.

Update 3 (September 13, 2022)

05:47 pm (IST): Facebook app has received a new update on iOS with v383.1. Hence, users can install this update and see if issue with auto-playing stories persists.

Update 4 (September 14, 2022)

04:10 pm (IST): One of our team members has suggested a temporary workaround for Instagram users on iOS.

Workaround: Open up the Shortcuts app > Automation > Create new > Create Personal Automation > App > Select ‘Is Opened’ > Select Instagram > Add Action > Select ‘Set Volume’ > Bring down the volume to 0 > Tap Next > Done.

After making the aforementioned changes, every time you open Instagram, the volume will be reduced to ‘0’ and stories won’t be audible until you manually increase the volume.

Update 5 (September 15, 2022)

10:53 am (IST): A new version ( of Instagram app is now available on Play Store. Hence, you can install it and see if it fixes the issue with auto-playing Stories.

Update 6 (September 16, 2022)

09:42 am (IST): A Meta spokeperson has confirmed to 9to5Mac that this is an iOS bug and it is fixed in the latest version of Instagram app on iOS.

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