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AT&T is one of the most renowned carriers in the United States. It is currently the third-largest mobile telephone service provider in the North American country, boasting millions of customers.

AT&T clients can enjoy multiple services and benefits. One of the most used features is Wi-Fi calling.

‘Wi-Fi calling’ is basically a technology that allows you to use Wi-Fi networks to make calls instead of cellular network. It is especially useful in indoor environments where there is poor cellular signal.

However, many AT&T subscribers are unable to use the Wi-Fi calling feature as it is currently not working properly.

AT&T Wi-Fi calling not working or stuck on loading

According to multiple reports, AT&T customers cannot use Wi-Fi calling due to calls getting stuck on loading. The problem arose today and has been present for several hours.


I use wifi calling basically every day, and all of the sudden it has stopped working today (Sept 7th 2022). I tried connecting it to the wifi network I use every day, as well as three other networks, and it only says “loading, this may take a few moments” then times out.

I’ve reset my phone, my router, my network preferences, and cleared the cache/data for the wifi calling app and nothing has worked.

I am using an AT&T locked Pixel 6 Pro and I had my Wifi calling enabled and working. Recently got update to move to Android 13 and immediately noticed a drop in call quality. Checked and wi-fi calling was off. I am trying to turn it on but it just errors out with “Unable to activate wi-fi calling. Please try again later”.

It’s worth pointing out that the vast majority of related reports come from Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel users. However, this does not mean that phones from other brands are completely free of the problem.


This just started with my Samsung Galaxy S20+ today (9/7/22). I’ve never had any issues with this phone. I received a message that I should turn on WiFi Calling. Thing is, I never turn it off, but it was randomly disabled. I’ve been trying to get it back on for a couple of hours now. Phone resets, airplane mode toggling, etc. Nothing.

AT&T team allegedly aware of the issue, potential cause

There is still no official public acknowledgment of the issue from the AT&T team. However, the company is allegedly aware of it and has accepted that it is a problem on their side, according to a Redditor.

I just spoke with AT&T CS, and they’ve confirmed there is an issue on their end, as they’ve had more calls about Wi-Fi calling being broken.S

Another Redditor allegedly spoke with the AT&T support team, and they also confirmed to be aware of the issue. But in this case, the support agent blamed Samsung:


So, for now the alleged chats with AT&T support only seem to agree that they are aware of the problem. But nothing is certain until there is a public official statement.

Also, another report suggests that an update to fix the issue could be arriving ‘in a day or so’:


We will update this story as events unfold in the future.

Update 1 (September 09, 2022)

05:46 pm (IST): According to some of those affected (1, 2, 3), the issue where AT&T Wi-Fi calling is not working has now been resolved.

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