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YouTube is a service that was born focused on videos. However, over time, it has been obtaining new aspects in different segments of entertainment.

For example, YouTube Music is a competitor in the music streaming industry. Also, there is YouTube TV for the TV by subscription and on-demand content segment.

That said, currently some YouTube TV users are facing a ‘black screen’ issue when trying to access channels or DVR recordings.

Meanwhile, other YouTube users are getting a ‘Use another account’ error message.

YouTube TV ‘black screen’ issue on channels and DVR recordings

According to multiple reports, YouTube TV users are getting a black screen on ads that appear during DVR recordings. Also, the ads are unskippable.


Yellow unskippable sections on DVR

On my DVR recording, yellow sections will appear in various points of the progress bar. If I hit one it either goes into a series of 6 ads followed by the networks stock “we’ll be right back” placeholder- which is 2.5 minutes long. That I can skip through

However on my computer, hitting one of those sections will just result in a black screen and I can’t do anything for a few minutes. This is my DVR recording and not VOD.

The YouTube TV black screen issue can also occur while trying to access a particular channel or content.


@TeamYouTube I’m receiving the same issue with YTTV not working on my Samsung TV. Once I click on a channel, the screen goes black. Is there a resolution?

Issue acknowledged, potential workarounds

The YouTube TV team is already aware of the issue and working on a fix. But there are no details of an ETA for its rollout yet.


In the meantime, there are some potential workarounds you can try. For instance, the YouTube team recommends uninstalling and reinstalling the app:


For Smart TV users, disconnecting and reconnecting the device from power could fix the issue:

Unplugging my tv and plugging back in seemed to have worked.. Samsung Smart tv

YouTube ‘Use another account’ error on multiple devices

Standard YouTube users are also facing an annoying bug. In this case, some users are getting a ‘Use another account’ error message when trying to access the YouTube app.

The issue has been reported on Roku TVs, Chromecast with Google TV and PlayStation consoles, although smart TV owners seem the most affected.


YouTube “Use another account” message on Roku app

On the Roku app for YouTube I see a message that says “use another account” and that my account is not supported on the YouTube on TV app at this time. I am able to close the message out and still use YouTube, but every time I go into the app this message comes up now. Meanwhile on the Xbox app, I do not see this at all.

For this problem, there are also a couple of workarounds. First, you can try the following:


Alternatively, you can follow this method:


There is still no official acknowledgment for the second issue from the YouTube team. We will update this story as events unfold.

Update 1 (July 22, 2022)

05:12 pm (IST): According to a YouTube community manager on Reddit, the issue where users are seeing black screen on channels and DVR recording has now been resolved.

Jumping in here — there was an issue with recordings that the engineering team was looking into, and should now be fixed. Please let me know though, if you’re still having problems with a specific recording. (Source)

Update 2 (September 7, 2022)

06:07 pm (IST) There was a widespread outage (1, 2) with YouTube TV a couple of hours ago due to which users were unable to access the service. However, things appear to have been stabilized now.

NOTE: You can also check the YouTube bugs/issues tracker.

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