[Update: Sept. 7] YouTube down and not working? You're not alone

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Original story (published on April 26, 2021) follows:

Just in case you’re trying to get your head around why YouTube has suddenly stopped working for you, find solace in the fact that you aren’t the only one facing issues lately.

A quick look at micro-blogging site Twitter conveys there are many others affected by the same issue. While some say the service isn’t working or broken for them, others it throws an error 429.

For a quick glance, here’s how some of the complainants word the problem:


After seeing the trend #YouTubeDOWN I can finally confirm that YouTube is actually down and it’s not just me

I just came here to verify that YouTube is down or it’s my network problem #YouTubeDOWN

Down detector – a popular service that gives information about live outages – also conveys that YouTube is indeed going through a glitch seemingly around the world as can be seen in the image below:


Any official word on the matter? Nothing as of now. We’re yet to locate a word from the official service channels or their social media handles.

Rest assured, we’re keeping tabs on all related developments, and will update this page with relevant info as and when we come across any. So in case, you’re encountering the problem discussed here, stay hooked for updates.

Update 1 (April 26)

05:45 pm (IST): Seems like the YouTube outage was pretty brief (around 5 minutes). Minutes after a slew of reports on social media, the issue disappeared like it never happened in the first place. The app is now working just fine.

Update 2 (May 19)

08:45 am (IST): And the error is back once again, as the service is down and not working for many. This time it states – “An error occurred, please try again later” (as can be seen in the image below). Twitter is flooded with complaints.

youtube down

What’s good is that YouTube support has acknowledged the issue saying:

Sorry for the inconvenience – the issue is still ongoing, and we’re currently looking into it. We’ll follow up once we have an update.

Update 3 (May 19)

10:30 am (IST): The issue has been resolved.

Update 4 (October 13)

YouTube appears to be down for a number of users across the globe. This, based on the flurry of new reports on social media platforms (1,2).

youtube down oct 13

Downdetector also shows a massive increase in the number of reports from users over the past few hours. At the time of writing, we don’t have any official communication of the same.

Update 5 (October 27, 2021)

Looks like Youtube is down and not working as the videos keep buffering or loading. Following are some of the reports:

the videos have been buffering for about a hour. 🙁
#YouTube #YouTubeDOWN

The YouTube app is down for me and some other people recently. Videos keep loading endlessly and buffer when loaded. The site works fine but it’s only videos and shorts affected. Please help!

Update 6 (April 13, 2022)

10:21 am (IST): Recently YouTube services including YouTube, YouTube TV, YouTube Music, and YouTube Studio were down or not working for many users across multiple devices. Users were facing issues such as:

– Unable to sign-in or switch accounts

– Unable to cast to your TV or use the app on a gaming console

– Left-hand Navigation Menus and Setting menus are not appearing / not loading

– Unable to access account drop-down menu (by clicking on your channel icon)

– ‘No internet connection’ error message when watching videos

– Difficulty with other YouTube Studio features

Fortunately, YouTube support has already acknowledged and fixed the issue.

Update 7 (May 10, 2022)

12:31 pm (IST): Many users are now reporting that YouTube is currently down for them in the UK. Moreover, fresh user reports on Downdetector also suggest the same.

Luckily, YouTube support has acknowledged this outage and said that they are currently investigating it.

Update 8 (May 13, 2022)

12:58 pm (IST): Fresh user reports on Downdetector now suggest that the recent outage with YouTube has been resolved.

Update 9 (June 28, 2022)

11:32 am (IST): Many users are now reporting (1, 2) that YouTube is currently down or not working for them. However, things appear to be recovering now as user reports are diminishing.

06:30 pm (IST): The recent outage with YouTube has now been resolved as we haven’t come across any fresh user reports on Downdetector.

Update 10 (Aug. 17, 2022)

10:08 am (IST): Fresh reports on Downdetector and Twitter indicate that YouTube is currently down or not working for many.

07:00 pm (IST): It seems that the recent outage with YouTube has now been resolved as reports on Downdetector have vanished.

Update 11 (Aug. 22, 2022)

10:24 am (IST): Many users have taken to Twitter to report that YouTube is currently not working in Pakistan. Some of those affected pointed out that it’s temporarily banned in the country.

Luckily, YouTube support has acknowledged the issue and said that they are currently investigating it.

we’ve seen similar reports about YouTube not working in Pakistan, and we’re already looking into it. thanks for your patience while we sort this out (Source)

07:36 pm (IST): It appears that the recent outage with YouTube has now been resolved as we haven’t come across any fresh reports on Twitter.

Update 12 (Sept. 7, 2022)

09:41 am (IST): YouTube TV was down for some users a few hours ago due to playback error. However, YouTube support has confirmed that they have resolved the issue.

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