Google Messages app can receive RCS messages but only sending SMS/MMS? Here's a potential fix

RCS (Rich Communications Services) was introduced by Google with the view of facilitating exchange of group chats, video, audio and high-resolution images using the Messages app.

But every now and then, Google Messages users often come across a new issue with the app’s RCS functionality.

For instance, we highlighted how RCS kept getting stuck at “Setting up… Trying to verify” error when initializing.

And now, the RCS functionality in Google Messages app is not working properly, where it is sending messages as SMS or MMS for some people instead of the usual RCS texts.

Users of the app are reporting that when they receive RCS texts from someone, they are only able to reply to these same messages as an SMS/MMS and not RCS despite enabling the feature.


I am in Canada and my carrier is Fido (Rogers network). Since I have updated my android to 13, RCS in the native messages app have not been sending. Is this likely a carrier related issue causing issues with updating to Android 13? Quite frustrating

This glitch appears only during one-on-one conversations where RCS messaging functionalities fail to function. But in group chats, people can see everyone’s typing indicators, read receipts and so on like a normal RCS chat.

One of the affected users shared the issue stating that even though the device is connected to RCS, the messages only get through as SMS or MMS. You can check out the screenshot shared below.


It is also worth noting that the issue has been troubling users for the last couple of months.

Wife can send me RCS, I can only send her SMS (RCS works correctly with all other contacts) help?

Potential workarounds

As is evident, Google isn’t aware that some RCS users are only sending messages as SMS or MMS. But those affected can try the following workaround.

What fixed it for me was turning off RCS and clearing storage on the app via the settings app, then turning RCS back on.

On top of the above workaround, those still affected can also try shutting the app forcibly to fix the issue temporarily.


Hopefully, Google fixes the RCS issue in the Messages app soon. We’ll keep tabs on further developments and update the article accordingly.

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