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With FIFA 23 being the final version in which EA can use the FIFA title, they are aiming to make it the best ever. In Career Mode, players can choose Ted Lasso as their playable manager, and they can even manage AFC Richmond.

However, the biggest draw in recent years has been the FUT game mode, in which players can assemble teams of their favorite players and compete against one another.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition pre-order bonus missing

Unfortunately, many FIFA 23 players who pre-ordered the game and bought various special editions of the game like the ‘Ultimate edition’ are reporting that they haven’t revived their pre-order bonus points (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition pre-order bonus

During the early stages of a new FUT season, all players try to muster up enough coins to build a starter squad or try their luck by opening a few packs in the hopes of obtaining the top players in the game.

Therefore, the 4,600 FIFA Points that come with pre-ordering the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition are invaluable.

EA intended to give these 4,600 points along with other preorder rewards to their players on September 27, but they haven’t received these points yet.

H missing fifa points and you told me it was going to be resolved and its been 24 hours and still haven’t received them. Its the 4600 FIFA points from the ultimate edition fifa 23

@EAHelp hi I’m playing fifa 23 through ea play on origin. Do I still get the 4600 fifa points as I added the game to my library before release? And if I do when do the points get added to my account? Also how long will match making be disabled for?

Players have expressed frustration about this issue because they fear they will fall behind others who have already received their points.

FIFA 23 ‘broken Price Range’ on PC ruining the market

Another problem that FIFA 23 players have reported is that the price ranges in the in-game market on PC do not update in real time (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).

FIFA 23 price range issue

A player in FUT has a minimum and maximum price range. This means that he cannot be purchased or sold for an amount out of that range. However, EA tweaks this pricing on all platforms throughout the game cycle.

But due to an issue, this price range hasn’t been adjusted for PC players as it was allegedly done for all console players.

This implies that, in comparison to console players, PC players must pay more coins to purchase a player and are unable to sell their players since their price range does not reflect a player’s true market value.

Prices ranges on the PC market How does EA keep getting away with this honestly? We PC players have been treated worse than abandoned kittens on the side of a highway. Disgusting. I just cannot buy half of the players I want for my team because EA is just neglecting the existence of the PC market.

Price ranges are awful. I’ve packed Trent twice. Can’t even sell him as he’s 85k with stats worth about 20k if that. No one wants to buy these players. When do we think ea will adjust?

So, we hope a patch will be released as soon as possible that fixes the ‘Prince Range’ issue for PC players so they can enjoy the game once again.

That said, we will keep an eye out for new developments on these issues and update this space. So, check back soon.

Update 1 (October 3, 2022)

10:33 am (IST): Many players are now reporting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) that they aren’t receiving OTW (Ones to watch) and TOTW (Team to the week) pre-order rewards.

Those who bought the game after September 30 have not received the promised rewards. And EA support said that rewards are limited for those who ordered the game before the official launch.

However, even some players who purchased the game back in July didn’t receive their OTW and TOTW packs yet. Luckily, EA support has confirmed that rewards have started rolling out from September 30 and players will get them soon.

Hi there, sorry for the delay in seeing your message. The OTW items were being rolled out from yesterday, so hopefully you have received yours by now. If not it is on the way, just keep playing and you’ll receive it soon. Happy gaming. -Bob (Source)

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