[Updated] Google Pixel 'authentication error' while using hotspot or tethering still troubles many, no fix in sight

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Pixel phones are the smartphones manufactured by Google. That means they are among the best software-supported mobile devices in the entire industry.

However, there are also some problems that have plagued users for a while and do not receive a solution. For instance, there is a bug that affects the hotspot or tethering behavior of their devices.

More specifically, many Google Pixel users have been facing an ‘authentication error’ message that prevents them from properly using hotspot or tethering to share mobile data to other devices.

‘Authentication error’ message prevents using hotspot or tethering on Google Pixel phones

According to multiple reports, many Google Pixel users are unable to connect other devices to a hotspot generated from their smartphones to share internet through tethering.

When trying to make the connection, they just get an ‘authentication error’ message. This type of message should appear only when entering the wrong identification credentials, but this is not the case.


Hotspot not turning on

Recently my Pixel phone has been unable to turn on it’s mobile hotspot, every time I try it says “Authentication error, please try again later” and immediately turns off.

I had spoken to my cell provider, they recommended I change the SIM card since that was from an older phone, I had done that and still no luck, my only conclusion now is that something is up internally but I’m worried about needing to factory reset.

Pixel hotspot authentication error? anyone managed a fix yet?

So I made the mistake of switching my sim card over to Verizon with straight talk and now my hotspot is broken. Tried googling it and basically everyone on this network and total wireless useing a pixel (3a to 6pro) is completely unable to use their hotspot. I’m paying for a service I basically cannot use.

In some cases the hotspot automatically turns off

For other users, the issue occurs differently. In these cases, other devices can connect to the network created by the hotspot, but it will turn off by itself after a few minutes.


Hotspot connecting but losing internet immediately?

I’m using a Pixel 4a and I’ve been using my hotspot fairly regularly after a storm knocked down a tree that cut my internet cable. It’s been working fine but after a recent update to my phone, now when I connect to anything it says connected but no internet.

Unable to use mobile hotspot/bluetooth tethering with mobile data.

I’ve had my P6Pro for over a month and a half now and decided to use it as a mobile hotspot/bluetooth tether for my other devices.

Unfortunately, when trying to enable hotspot or bluetooth tethering it says “network unavailable. Please try again later”. Tried resetting my internet settings and all, but it still doesnt work.

A problem that has been present for months

The issue isn’t exactly new to Pixel smartphone users. There have been reports related to the matter for months, but there is still no fix in sight.


Issue recently filed in Google official issues tracker

However, at the end of May, the issue was filed on the official Google issues tracker, and many have shared their experiences. So, hopefully this will help speed up the development of a definitive fix.

We will update this story as events unfold.

Update 1 (September 01)

11:31 am (IST): A Google employee has acknowledged the issue with hotspot authentication error on the official issue tracker and said that they are working to resolve it.

We are actively working on this issue. We will provide an update on this at the earliest. (Source)

NOTE: You can also check the Google Pixel Android 12 bugs/issues tracker.

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