Twitch bonus chest or channel points bugged or not working? Here's the official word

Twitch channel points are a part of a customizable points program that allows streamers to reward their viewers with perks that are typically reserved for their subscribers.

This program is only available to Twitch partners and their affiliates. But it’s very easy for a user to earn these rewards, as all they need to do is watch a streamer, follow a channel, or participate in a raid.

Twitch bonus chest or channel points bugged or not working

However, many Twitch users are reporting an issue where the bonus chest or channel points are bugged or not working for them (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).

Twitch bonus chest or channel points bugged or not working

Users earn channel points periodically as they watch a streamer. However, they are awarded bonus points as well for completing specific channel requirements and after certain intervals of time.

A chest appears at the bottom of the chat window and after clicking on that users can claim the bonus points.

But users are not getting rewarded even after watching a channel or streamer for hours or fulfilling all the requirements to claim the bonus points.

@Twitch @amazon yah need to fix the issue with channel points. We’re not paying you guys to sit around and not taken care of this issue. We’re trying to support our creator and interact with them. But yah can’t fix a simple issue. Why am I not getting any CP of Bonus points?

I suddenly stopped recieving channel points bonuses every 15 mins yesterday, and have tried everything to fix it, but no matter what channel I view I am no longer able to get channel point bonuses. I am still getting points every 5 minutes, but no longer get the green bonus boxes. Can anyone help be fix this issue?

This issue is not limited to a particular channel or platform as users have been facing it on the mobile app and the Twitch website.

Issue acknowledged

As it turns out, Twitch support is aware of this issue and said that they are working on it. However, they did not share any timeframe of when it will be fixed.

Twitch Support

It’s unknown whether Twitch will compensate its users for this bug. That being said, stay tuned to PiunikaWeb to know if and when there are any further developments regarding the issue.

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