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Regiments in Call of Duty Warzone allow players to team up together and play a multitude of competitive game types against other Regiments. You can call them clans of sorts.

They are pretty much essential if you’re spending any sort of time playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare online. Creating one is pretty simple too.

Just head over to the Social menu, open the Regiments tab, and then create a Regiment. From here, you then have to come up with a Regiment Name and then create a Regiment Tag.

However, Regiments aren’t working as expected for several CoD players. There have been a bunch of complaints making rounds. Users report that they’re unable to invite friends who are online because they show offline.


Are regiments broken? Trying to add squad mates to regiment at the moment and invites not going through.

You still need to fix Dev errors for all the Xbox players on MW MP and a fix for the Regiment system which has broken since the Warzone event. Currently unable to send or receive Regiment invites or revoke ones already sent. Please look into this.

This has seemingly started since the last CoD Warzone update. As a result, the Regiments function has been virtually rendered useless on CoD. After all, what good is it if one can’t invite squadmates over?

Nonetheless, if you are one of the players for whom the Regiment invites are not working, then you will be pleased to know that Raven Software is already looking into the matter.


But as it stands, there is no trace of the Regiment invites not working issue anywhere on the official Call of Duty Warzone Trello Board. Still, we are hopeful that the bug will get resolved soon.

CoD Warzone friends list not loading/working

As if the above issue isn’t much of a problem already, several players are reporting that the friend list on Call of Duty Warzone is also not working or takes an extremely long time to load.


Moreover, users have tried workarounds like deleting the game cache or restarting the entire thing to no avail.

While there hasn’t been a separate acknowledgment for this one, it is highly likely that it is related to the Call of Duty Warzone Regiments issue. Hence, they should both vanish at the same time when a fix is made available.

Update 1 (May 02)

While the devs take a look at the issue, you can crosscheck if you have the correct settings enabled to be able to send/receive the invites.

Head to the Options menu and look for the Account Settings (on the right), and make sure Cross play and Crosssplay communications are enabled.

Next, you should check if your connection is eligible to play with others. For that, in the Account Settings look for a little box that contains all the information about your network settings. Make sure NAT is either operate or moderate. If it’s closed, contact your ISP.

After that, go to the Friends/Social menu (by using the triangle or Y button), open the Manage Friends tab, enter your friend’s Activision ID and search. Close the keyboard, then press the X or A button to send a friend request directly. If an error pops up, reboot the console, that should help.

Update 2 (May 08)

As a status update on the matter, the issue is still being looked into.

#Warzone Issue Tracking: Regiment invites still being investigated

Update 3 (May 14)

As it currently stands, the Regiments invitation issue is still being looked into. You can check the Trello card for this issue here. Sadly, no update or ETA has been provided on the card.

Update 4 (May 17)

While earlier the Friend list not showing bug (or showing offline despite being online) was troubling limited users, going by recent reports surfacing on Reddit and Twitter, it appears that now majority users are affected by the issue.

Raven Software is yet to acknowledge the problem in question. As for workarounds, a lot of affected users have shared that players can invite or join friend’s lobbies through Discord.

For detailed coverage on crossplay not working in Warzone, head here.

Update 5 (May 18)

Another possible workaround for friends not showing online is to create a regiment.

For this, navigate to the friends list and select the regiment tab, then select “create a regiment” and make a regiment name and regiment tag. After successfully creating a regiment, you should be able to invite friends using this option.

Apart from this, some players were able to invite friends by changing cross-play settings by heading to the options menu, selecting the tab, and switching the cross-play status to disabled, and restarting the game.

Update 6 (May 20)

A new update with a lot of bug fixes is out now, but sadly, it doesn’t address the Regiment invite and Friends list issues highlighted in this article. Looks like the wait will be longer.

Update 7 (May 29)

Yet another Warzone update is out but there are no signs of a fix for the Regiment invite and Friends list issues that have now been around for several weeks at this point. Raven Software is yet to divulge any further details apart from the initial acknowledgment.

Update 8 (June 04)

It appears that the developers are having a hard time fixing the Regiment invites issue in Warzone since the problem is yet to be addressed. The changelog for the latest update does not have any mention of the issue getting fixed.

Update 9 (June 08)

COD has now announced that a fix was released for DLSS and it should now be working as intended and that Regiment Invites will be fixed in an update coming next week.


Update 10 (June 16)

Season 4 for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is all set to go live on June 17, i.e. tomorrow. It’s highly likely that the new update will also fix the Regiment Invites issue. So it shouldn’t be long before you can finally use the feature normally.

Update 11 (June 17)

The official patch notes for Season 4 are out, however, there’s no mention of a fix for the regiment invite issue. Instead, the release notes say that the “Friends List now has improved responsiveness.”

So we’ll have to wait and see if the Regiment invites issue has been fixed or not.

Update 12 (June 19)

Raven Software has confirmed, via Twitter, that the new update does indeed bring a fix for the regiment invite issue.


Update 13 (October 29)

Fresh reports on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit indicate that Warzone players are once again facing issues with the Friends List feature in the game.

Players claim that the status of their friends shows offline even when they aren’t. Here are some reports for reference:


I can’t view my activision friends, and all the people in my regiment are shown as offline when they’re not (Source)

I logged on today and had no one online. Can happen sometimes but then I click offline friends and I only have 2 friends in my list. (Source)

Update 14 (October 30)

A player has come up with a workaround that can possibly bring back all your friends in the game. You can try the workaround and see if it helps.

Hey guys it was happening to me too and I just now fixed it. The only method that worked was disabling crossplay, closing and reopening the app, enabling crossplay, closing and reopening, disabling, etc. and just repeating that process. Eventually my friends showed back up. A very annoying process but it did work. Good luck. (Source)

Update 15 (August 26, 2022)

Multiple reports indicate that the COD Warzone ‘friend list’ system is broken again as players are unable to see their friends online (everyone is shown as ‘offline’) and to send invitations.

That said, there is a potential workaround:

We set a “Party search setting” … with settings that we matched up (we picked slow and steady, voice, and the mode we want) and we found each other that way!

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