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Twitch is one of the most used streaming platforms in the world. It is the favorite platform for millions of gamers to watch gameplay streaming or be in direct contact with their favorite content creators.

Like other video platforms, Twitch uses ads as one of its funding methods. This means that ads will appear during streams or when navigating through the UI.

Many Twitch users often use ad blockers to avoid the annoying ads. They prefer to support their favorite content creators through other ways (such as direct donations and subscriptions).

However, Twitch users noticed that ad blocking is no longer available on the platform as many ad blockers were ‘patched’ by the company. But there are a couple of workarounds.

Twitch patched ad blocking tools, now ad blocking is broken

According to multiple reports, most ad blockers are currently useless on Twitch. Before, ad blocking tools enabled skipping ads just like on other platforms (such as YouTube).

Now, ad blockers just cause a screen to display over the Twitch broadcast saying that an ad is in progress.


Adblock not working on Twitch?

Hey everyone. So admittedly I didnt get too deep into this, but after several searches, videos, and guides. Ive tried all the standard adblockers. I use the new Edge browser on Windows 10. For whatever reason, my ad blockers Ive used before dont seem to work.

The ad is blocked, but twitch basically puts up a screen over the broadcast telling you its running ads lol. Can anyone give any insight about this? It just started happening to me last night.

I think Twitch actively tries to defeat the adblockers. I know about a year ago there where issues even if you had Twitch whitelisted. I personally don’t mind the pre-rolls, but I will leave when someone uses a midroll.

I use Adguard, but have twitch whitelisted so I have no idea if it will block ads. I switched to it after my old blocker cause issues even with Twitch whitelisted.

Possible reason for the problem, potential workarounds

Some users report that the problem started from the arrival of an email about a revenue split increase for Twitch creators.

I’ve noticed my adblocker stopped working after getting the email about the Twitch ad revenue split increase.

So, it looks like the Twitch team is looking for more ad revenue to fund improvements in creator earnings. But this could cause the opposite effect due to users leaving the platform because of the ads.

However, there are a couple of potential workarounds that reportedly help resolve the issue (functional at the time of writing this story, but this may change in the future).

First, there is a web browser extension called ‘Alternate Twitch Player’ that reportedly effectively hides the ads:

I use ‘alternate twitch player’ browser extension. Might be twitch 5 now, I don’t remember. It hides ads.

Alternatively, you can install a web browser script that fulfills the same goal. On the following GitHub page, there are multiple options so choose the one that best suits you:

Just use these and you get no ads


The instructions for installing browser scripts are as follows:

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We will update this story as events unfold.

Update 1 (August 22)

06:28 pm (IST): A user has suggested those affected to try ‘Twitch AdBlock’ extension on Firefox which is reportedly still working.

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