Reddit links not opening externally ('No apps can perform this action') on Android? Try this workaround

Reddit offers a bunch of communities dedicated to almost any topic in the world.It introduces major tweaks and improvements with every update in order to make users’ experience more interactive and immersive.

But lately, users (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) are facing an issue where Reddit is not opening links in external apps. Whenever they try to open a link using the “Open with” option, the bar appears empty and reads “No apps to share to”.


Same issue, thought it was caused by a work profile app i installed for new job. Removed that and still seeing the issue (realized I wasn’t seeing it the last week I had the profile active until today). Had to switch to opening th6ing in app and then popping open the browser.

Just stopped working for me this morning. This issue combined with the continued refusal to not have a “clean” link and instead use “” for entry link which breaks the ability to use links to existing apps like YouTube or Twitter really makes me think I need to walk away from this app and try one of the competitors.

Affected users suggest that the appearance of this issue coincides with the latest Reddit v2022.31.0.556666 update on Android. It simply serves a ‘No apps can perform this function’ error every time someone opens an external link.

The issue seems to be incredibly annoying users as it breaks the ability to use links to existing apps like YouTube and Twitter.

Potential workaround

Fortunately, we have come across a potential workaround that can help fix the issue temporarily. It includes disabling “Open supported links” in the Reddit app info page so that links open in a web browser.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll to the Apps section
  • Click on Reddit and tap on ‘Open by default’.
  • Then disable ‘Open supported links’.

That said, many users are resorting to the aforementioned workaround as it seems to be fixing the issue where Reddit is not opening links in external apps.

As usual, we will be keeping tabs on further developments on the problem and update this space as and when we have new information to share.

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