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EA and Madden NFL have a history that spans decades. Every year, the franchises come together to provide gamers with the most realistic football experience.

EA Madden is a simulation-based game that offers an authentic NFL experience and fulfills their fantasy of winning the Super Bowl.

The game is available on various platforms including PC, mobile, and every major console.

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Having said that, the upcoming version of the game, EA Madden 22 is now available for pre-order.

If you purchase the game before August 20, EA says you will receive rewards that include a Power-Up and a Strategy Item in Madden Ultimate Team.

Naturally, a lot of Madden fans have already purchased the game. But lately, many of them are reporting that their EA Madden 22 pre-order rewards are missing.


@EAHelp Hey EA My Madden 22 Pre Order rewards are missing. Any way you can help?

Hey @EAPlay @EAHelp I didn’t receive my mvp pre order packs and rewards on mut please help

We want to remind you that this is not the first time pre-order rewards were reported missing. Last year, when players bought NFL Madden 21, similar reports came flooding in.

It looks like EA hasn’t learned anything from its past mistakes and is repeating history once again.

Thankfully, this time, EA has acknowledged the Madden 22 pre-order missing rewards issue and said they are working on a fix.


In addition to the above bug, players also complained about an issue that led to their trial version of the game expiring just hours after its launch.

According to users, the trial timer keeps running even if you exit the game and keeps on going no matter what you do.

It is really bad since EA Madden 22 has a trial period of just 10 hours.


I played maybe 30 min of the game earlier today, closed it out and now it says I have less than 5 hrs left, anyone know if EA is in the process of fixing this?

Played for about 45 minutes today around noon, hard closed the game and made sure it wasn’t in the quick resume tab. Came back to it not too long ago and it said I have 6 hours left on the trial. Just a warning for everyone playing on Xbox.


This has angered a lot of gamers since they were looking forward to playing the trial during the weekend.

EA is yet to acknowledge the issue and there is no fix in sight for now. If you have access to the Madden 22 trial, we recommended you wait until EA fixes the issue.

Update 1 (August 14, 2021)

EA has stated that there is no way to reset the trial duration for those who are affected by the bugged timer. Here is the official acknowledgment by the developers that confirms the same.


Update 2 (August 16, 2021)

EA has acknowledged an issue where Madden NFL 22 trial players are experiencing technical issues, saying that investigations are ongoing.

We’re aware that some Madden NFL 22 trial players are still experiencing technical issues, and the investigation is ongoing. Thank you for your patience.

Update 3 (August 17, 2021)

Now, EA is directing affected players to the official site where they’ve provided more information on how game trials work. Additionally, it is becoming apparent that they cannot reset the timer for anyone. More on that here.

Update 4 (August 18, 2021)

Apart from the problem with the trial timmer running out for no reason, Madden 22 players are now having to deal with the game crashing on Xbox units and possibly even the PS5. Check out the full story here.

Update 5 (August 19, 2021)

Individuals who were having issues redeeming their rewards for pre-ordering Madden 22 will be pleased to know that the content has begun showing up, however, it’s taking a bit longer, according to EA support.

We have checked our logs and we can see that players are receiving their content but it is just taking a little bit of time to process all the data,. Please be patient with us and check your account from time to time. You can also restart your console to help re-sync your data. (Source)

Update 6 (August 20, 2021)

EA now says that they’re investigating reports from players who were missing veteran loyalty rewards. Additionally, they say that the team will be pushing the remainder of the said reards who haven’t received them yet.

madden 22 loyalty issue

Update 7 (August 16, 2022)

11:39 am (IST): Madden 23 players are also reporting (1, 2, 3, 4) the issue where pre-order rewards are missing and trial is expiring before time.

Has anyone found a fix for this yet? I’m on Xbox One X. When I launch the game it says I have 10 hours left of the trial but after it loads it says “Thank you for trying out Madden 23. Your trial has expired. Please purchase the game to continue playing”. I haven’t played whatsoever (Source)

When do you get your rewards? I am playing the game on the ea trial but I also preordered the $100 edition. Please help (Source)

Not sure why I don’t have access to the full game along with pre order bonuses??? (Source)

Unfortunately, the support team hasn’t yet acknowledged this issue.

Update 8 (August 17, 2022)

11:40 am (IST): A community manager said that pre-order content will be rolling out today. However, some players haven’t received them so far. And they should wait until the end of the day and see if they get the rewards.

The pre-order content is rolling out today. If you still don’t have it within 24 hours, let us know. Thanks! (Source)

Update 9 (August 18, 2022)

05:45 pm (IST): In a recent acknowledgment, EA support said that they are currently investigating the issue where pre-order content is missing for some players. However, there’s no ETA for the fix.

Hello there Isaiah, thank you for reaching out, I’m sorry to hear that you have not received your content just yet, we’re investigating missing pre-order content for some players, we hope to have more updates on this soon, my apologies for the inconvenience. -Rob (Source)

Update 10 (August 19, 2022)

06:19 pm (IST): EA support has confirmed that they are working to fix this issue with steep importance. However, they did not provide any ETA for the fix.

However, I’m here to share the information we have available from our studios & our studio is on alert.
Be assured that our games team is investigating these issues with steep importance and we appreciate your patience. 2/3 -Hazak (Source)

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