[Updated] 1Password 'reveal' function missing after v7.9.7 update on iOS, issue acknowledged (workaround inside)

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1Password is one of the most well-known and trusted password managers. It lets you securely store all passwords or access credentials in a ‘box’ isolated from your browser (preventing potential data theft).

Once you have saved a password in 1Password, you can easily use it through the browser extension and the mobile app. 1Password database also supports names, addresses and other sensitive information.

1Password offers the possibility of ‘revealing’ or showing your password when entering it on a website or app. The option is intended to display your password in case you need it (instead of just entering it automatically).

However, it appears that the 1Password ‘reveal’ function is missing for iOS users after a recent update.

1Password ‘reveal’ function missing from iOS app after v7.9.7 update

According to reports, 1Password ‘reveal’ function is not available for iOS devices after v7.9.7 update, which is causing headaches to many.

The problem is preventing the app from displaying the password in the field to fill. Currently, the only option users have to view their passwords is ‘Show in Large Type’.


On my iphone, within an account on the app, is the password for the app, usually displayed as dots. I used to be able to Copy, Reveal, or Show in Large Type by touching the password.

Now I have lost the Reveal choice and the password displays in Large Type if I want to see it. I need my Reveal back! Iphone 12 Pro running iOS 15.6. No recent changes to phone and no issues in any other app


The “Reveal” Button is Gone in Latest iOS App Version [press and hold to get ‘reveal’]

Just updated to version 7.9.7 of the iOS app. When viewing Logins, tapping on a password now presents only “Copy” and “Show in Large Type” commands. There is no longer a “Reveal” option. Is this a bug or intentional feature change?

The 1Password iOS app reportedly is even crashing when accessing some menus after the latest update:


Official acknowledgment and a workaround

Fortunately, 1Password developers are already aware of the bug and working on a fix but there is no ETA yet.

Hey, Max. This is a bug, we’re aware of the problem, we have an issue raised and we’re working on a fix for you. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and in the meantime you can tap and hold to get a menu with the ‘Reveal’ option. ❤️

Meanwhile, the same 1Password team has offered a workaround that should work as a temporary solution until the fix is available:


We will update this story once new related events arise.

Update 1 (August 10)

12:06 pm (IST): A team member has confirmed that the issue with reveal function will be resolved in the next 1Password update.

Update 2 (August 19)

04:57 pm (IST): 1Password received a new update on iOS with v7.9.8 that includes a fix for the issue where ‘reveal’ function is missing.

Today’s update fixes an issue that errantly removed the reveal contextual menu option when permissions allowed it. (Source)

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