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Fitbit has a vast portfolio of smartwatches and trackers including the Fitbit Ace, Inspire series, Charge series, and many more.

While Fitbit provides support to all the trackers and smartwatches that are currently in its portfolio, it also supports some of its discontinued products.

Fitbit Charge 4

This means that the fitness vendor provides software updates including improvements, bugfixes, and even new features to its devices.

However, there are times when Fitbit trackers and smartwatches do not perform the way they are supposed to. The Fitbit community is full of bug reports and issue threads from Fitbit users.

Fitbit tries to resolve most of the issues and problems by promptly assisting affected users through various troubleshooting steps and software updates. However, it is not feasible to get rid of each and every issue when it comes to software.

Fitbit Sense

To recall, there were reports of multiple connectivity issues with Fitbit Luxe, notifications not coming on Fitbit Versa 3, and more.

On the other hand, there were SpO2 data syncing and ‘Notification service is not running’ issues with the Fitbit app which is used to manage the trackers and smartwatches on smartphones.

Moreover, the Fitbit OS 5.2.1 update came out pretty recently for the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3, however, it did more harm than good. More on that here.

Fitbit Versa 3

All in all, there is always a possibility of bugs and issues affecting gadgets like those from Fitbit even after proper maintenance.

Thus, we will keep tabs on all the issues and problems that are or will be affecting Fitbit products. Apart from that, we will also track software updates for the trackers, smartwatches, and Fitbit app.

So, be sure to keep a weather eye on this tracker as we will constantly update it as and when we get new information.

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Update 1 (August 16)

12:25 pm (IST): Fitbit users are reporting an issue where their Fitbits seem to be sending out emails to its users’ contact lists. The team over at Fitbit says it is looking into preventing or minimizing the impact.

fitbit issue

Update 2 (September 27)

05:26 pm (IST): The incorrect floor/step counter bug seems to be plaguing the Fitbit Sense as well. A mod confirmed that a fix is in the works. Head here to know more.

Update 3 (October 06)

06:36 pm (IST): Fitbit Luxe users who’re dealing with connectivity issues should make sure to install the latest available update if they haven’t already. The software update supposedly was meant to fix connectivity issues on the device.

Update 4 (October 12)

11:00 am (IST): The Fitbit Luxe is getting a new update with version 1.151.16 and this build brings SpO2 tracking tool along with Always-on Display. Here’s the changelog.

VERSION 1.151.16
– To keep the clock visible at all times, turn on the always-on display setting. For more information, see How do I see the time on my Fitbit device?
– Luxe estimates your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) while you sleep. For more information, see How do I track blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) with my Fitbit device?
– We increased the font size on your tracker’s screen.
– This release includes bug fixes and improvements.

Update 5 (October 23)

06:30 pm (IST): Fitbit has acknowledged the issue where the step streak has disappeared. The developers said they are working on a fix.

Alright. We hear you. While it’s not possible to retrieve the step streak, our team is aware of this issue and they are working to identify a resolution as quickly as possible. We’re sorry for any trouble. We appreciate your patience and look forward to getting you back on track.(Source)

Update 6 (October 30)

07:00 pm (IST): Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 are getting Fitbit OS 5.3 update. Check the full changelog of the update below.

– Status indicators on your smartwatch let you know when your device’s battery is critically low, the do not disturb or sleep mode setting is on, or your device isn’t connected to your phone. For more information, see How do I navigate my Fitbit device?

– Use the outdoor exercise mode in the Exercise app to track outdoor activities like kayaking, skiing, and more. For more information, see How do I track my workouts with my Fitbit device?

– This release includes bug fixes and improvements. (Source)

Update 7 (November 10)

12:03 pm (IST): Fitbit is now rolling out the Daily Readiness feature to a section of its devices. The Daily Readiness Score reveals if you’re ready to work out or rest up.

Daily Readiness Score

Update 8 (November 24)

06:18 pm (IST): The Fitbit Charge 5 recently picked up an update as version 1.149.11 which adds the option to assess​ your ​heart for ​atrial fibrillation (AFib) — a heart rhythm irregularity — with the Fitbit ECG app.

Update 9 (January 21)

05:10 pm (IST): Some Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users are now reporting (1, 2) that the Fitbit app is draining their phone’s battery.

Users say that they have also tried setting the app to restrict battery usage and turning off the notifications, but didn’t notice any difference in the battery drain.

Update 10 (March 03)

04:44 pm (IST): Fitbit is reportedly recalling its Ionic smartwatches after getting 117 reports of burn injuries. The company is also offering refunds to the buyers. More on that here.

Update 11 (March 14)

12:43 pm (IST): This could be the possible reason for the battery draining issue on Pixel 6 devices. Moreover, the moderator has also provided a workaround that may help the affected users.


Update 12 (March 16)

01:27 pm (IST): Fitbit support has acknowledged the issue where the Sleep log is not saving correct ending time. Moreover, devs are currently working to resolve this issue.

Update 13 (March 17)

06:39 pm (IST): A user reports an issue, where it shows an error that says active challenge limit reached and can’t do any challenges. Luckily, support has acknowledged it and said that they are working on a solution.

Also, some users are getting an unnecessary connection error when trying to access Fitbit Gallery. The error says ‘Oops looks like there’s no internet connection’.

Fortunately, a moderator has suggested a workaround to fix this error. Users should try disabling VPN, AdBlocker, or a private DNS setup if they have any.

Update 14 (March 26)

06:25 pm (IST): Fitbit is reportedly working on new wearables with codenames Hera, Rhea, and Nyota. However, the report suggests that these wearables may not come with Google’s Wear OS. More on that here.

Update 15 (April 02)

11:20 am (IST): Fitbit users are reporting that the Skin Temperature Reading feature is not working as intended with Versa 3 owners saying they are getting a transcription error. More on that here.

Update 16 (April 04)

07:11 pm (IST): A moderator on the Fitbit community has now confirmed that the voice reply to text transcript error has now been fixed.

Update 17 (April 26)

04:24 pm (IST): Fitbit is now rolling out Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications for several of its products.

Whenever a Fitbit smartwatch or tracker detects signs of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), it will alert the user by sending a notification. This feature is rolling out to the following Fitbit devices.

– Fitbit Sense

– Fitbit Versa 3

– Fitbit Versa 2

– Fitbit Versa Lite

– Fitbit Charge 5

– Fitbit Luxe

– Fitbit Charge 4

– Fitbit Charge 3

– Fitbit Inspire 2 (Source)

Update 18 (May 23)

12:30 pm (IST): Fitbit developers have acknowledged the issue where the app is crashing on iOS devices. More on that here.

Update 19 (May 27)

01:38 pm (IST): Users are now reporting an issue where the Quantified Self Beta program keeps starting from the beginning.

Fortunately, a moderator on the Fitbit community has acknowledged this issue and said that they have escalated it to the team for further investigation.

Update 20 (June 09)

06:21 pm (IST): Fitbit support has confirmed that the issue where skin temperature recording feature is not working has now been fixed.

Update 21 (June 14)

11:00 am (IST): Fitbit Charge 4 users say their device is not working while others are complaining about battery drain. More on that here.

Update 22 (June 16)

01:02 pm (IST): Many users are requesting devs to make Relax app compatible with Fitbit Charge 5. A Fitbit moderator has confirmed that the feature request is currently under review. More on that here.

06:31 pm (IST): A moderator has confirmed that the issue where Fitbit app is not tracking food and calorie intake has been resolved in the latest Fitbit app version 3.60. More on that here.

Update 23 (June 17)

10:20 am (IST): Some users are now reporting that the issue where Fitbit app is not tracking food and calorie still persists even in the latest app version 3.60.

Update 24 (June 20)

12:00 pm (IST): Fitbit Charge 5 users say they are facing frequent Bluetooth disconnection and data syncing issue. More on that here.

Update 25 (June 20)

01:32 pm (IST): Fitbit Charge 5 users are facing an ‘excessive battery drain’ issue. The problem is not exactly new, as there have been related reports for months.

A fix was supposedly in development since March, but reports of affected users continue to emerge. There are no new official statements on the issue from the Fitbit team. More on that here.

Update 26 (June 21)

05:30 pm (IST): Fitbit Sense owners say they are facing an issue where the device is stuck at the logo or black screen. Head here for some workarounds.

Update 29 (June 29)

10:24 am (IST): Many Fitbit Charge 5 users are facing issues with the sleep and heart rate tracking features. The wearable suddenly stops monitoring data, but there is a potential workaround.

Update 30 (July 15)

05:58 pm (IST): Fitbit recently rolled out an update that allegedly fix the battery drain isues on Fitbit wearables. But, the rollout is gradual, so the fix will not be available to everyone from the start.

Update 31 (July 20)

11:30 am (IST): Fitbit has released a new update for its Charge 5 fitness tracker. It can be identified with the firmware version 1.171.50 and brings ‘Find Phone’ feature. More on that here.

Update 32 (July 26)

11:30 am (IST): Fitbit users are facing a new problem where the Estimated Oxygen Variation graph is broken or showing inaccurate results. More on that here.

Update 33 (July 28)

06:54 pm (IST): Fitbit Charge 5 users are now reporting an issue where watch faces are missing after V1.171.50 update. More on that here.

Update 34 (August 02)

12:39 pm (IST): Fitbit has released a new firmware update for Fitbit Luxe with version 1.171.50. It includes new clock faces, support for Find Phone app, and bug fixes. Here’s the complete changelog.

– Find new clock faces in the Fitbit Gallery in the Fitbit app.

– When you can’t find your phone, use the Find Phone app on your tracker to locate it.

– This release includes bug fixes and improvements. (Source)

Update 35 (August 03)

05:02 pm (IST): Many Fitbit Luxe owners are now reporting display issues such as screen not responding or flickering. There are some workarounds that can help you resolve the bug. You can check them here.

Update 36 (August 10)

11:14 am (IST): Fitbit will reportedly remove the option to sync Fitbit devices with Fitbit Connect app on PC on October 13. And the company will discontinue its desktop app thereafter.

Update 37 (August 12)

02:10 pm (IST): Some Fitbit Versa 3 users are reporting that they aren’t getting notifications after the recent update. More on that here.

Update 38 (August 17)

01:16 pm (IST): Many Fitbit users were reporting (1, 2, 3) pairing and connectivity issues with the app at the time of Android 13 beta testing. However, Fitbit has released a new update to its app that reportedly fixed the problem.

Also, Fitbit has fixed the issue with data syncing on Fitbit Charge 5. More on that here.

05:35 pm (IST): Fitbit Charge 4, Charge 5, Versa 2 and Versa 3 users have been facing GPS connectivity issues (GPS disconnecting or not connecting) after the v48.200001.100.43 update.

Update 39 (August 18)

10:20 am (IST): Many Inspire 2 owners are now reporting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) battery draining issues with their units. However, some users claim (1, 2) that they got free replacement as their device was under warranty.

Fitbit software updates, issues, and problems tracker:

Fitbit software updates tracker

Devices Software update version
Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3 Fitbit OS 5.3
Fitbit Luxe Fitbit OS 1.151.16
Fitbit Charge 5 Fitbit OS 1.149.11
Fitbit Luxe Fitbit OS 1.171.50

Fitbit bugs, issues, and problems tracker

Bug/issue Affected device(s) Status
Connectivity (sync) issues Fitbit Luxe Fixed
Issue with tracking too many stairs (wrong floor count) Fitbit Versa 3/Sense Acknowledged
Notifications not coming through Fitbit Versa 3 Popped up again
Excessive battery drain due to the constant Coach app update/install Fitbit Versa 3 Fixed
SpO2 data syncing bug Fitbit app Fixed but still persists, as per reports
Bug/issue Affected device(s) Status
‘Notification service is not running.’ error message Fitbit app Workaround
Sleep score not showing Fitbit Versa 3 Acknowledged (Workaround)
Heartrate tracking (inaccurate data) issue Multiple devices Unacknowledged
‘Check Charger. Battery is not charging’ error Fitbit Charge 4 Workaround
Unable to stop swim tracking (clock) Fitbit Sense Workaround
Bug/issue Affected device(s) Status
Slow charging Fitbit Versa 3 Unacknowledged
Not charging, not booting (blank/black screen) or stuck on logo Fitbit Ionic Unacknowledged
Emails to Family and friends Multiple devices Acknowledged
Step Streak disappeared Multiple devices Acknowledged
Fitbit app battery draining issue Pixel 6/6 Pro Possible explanation | Workaround
Bug/issue Affected device(s) Status
Sleep log not saving correct ending time Fitbit app Acknowledged
Getting active challenge limit reached error Fitbit app Acknowledged
Getting internet connection error when accessing Fitbit Gallery Fitbit app Workaround
Skin Temperature Recording feature not working Multiple devices Fixed
Transcription error when trying to reply to text message using voice Versa 3 Fixed
Bug/issue Affected device(s) Status
App crashing on iOS Fitbit app Acknowledged
Quantified Self Beta program keeps starting from begining Fitbit app Escalated
Not working/charging and battery drain Fitbit Charge 4 Unacknowledged
Food and calorie intake not tracking Fitbit app Persists after 3.60 update
Frequent Bluetooth disconnection and data not syncing Fitbit Charge 5 Fixed
Bug/issue Affected device(s) Status
Excessive battery drain Fitbit Charge 5 Fix rolling out
Stuck at logo or black screen Fitbit Sense Workaround
Sleep and heart rate tracking not working properly Fitbit Charge 5 Workaround
Estimated Oxygen Variation graph showing inaccurate results Fitbit app Escalated
Clock face missing after v1.171.50 update Fitbit Charge 5 Escalated
Bug/issue Affected device(s) Status
Display not responding or flickering Fitbit Luxe Workaround
Connectivity or pairing issues after Android 13 update Fitbit Charge 5 Reportedly fixed
GPS Connectivity (disconnecting or not connecting) Fitbit Charge 5, Charge 4, Versa 2, Versa 3 Acknowledged
Battery drain issues Fitbit Inspire 2 Unacknowledged (refer Update 39)

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