[Updated] Plex crashing or freezing issue after latest v7.27 update renders app unusable for some iOS users

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Initially released in 2008, Plex began as a client-server media player application that lets users organize, store and stream media content.

Over the years, Plex has incorporated several new features and now allows users to watch on-demand content as well as 200+ channels of live TV, all without a subscription.


But lately, Plex users have been reporting a number of issues with the app that range from mildly infuriating to some making it completely unusable.

That being said, according to recent reports (1,2,3) from iOS users running Plex say they are experiencing freezing or crashing issues after the latest update.

Those who haven’t updated the app as of now say they have no problems whatsoever, indicating that the issue seems to have surfaced after the v7.27 update.

While re-opening does the trick, it is hard to know when the app will crash next time, causing inconvenience and rendering the app unusable for many.


Hi, I have updated plex to the latest version on my ipad mini 6th generation and İpad pro 12.9 inc 4th gen and iOS version is 15.2.1. The plex was working just fine before plex update. However after update both devices started to crash. I open plex and it crashes and turn off. I am not available to use plex on my ipads. Does anyone knows the reason??? How can i fix it?

This app has been working beautifully for years. About 3 months ago it would start freezing up and then shut down automatically then reopen. This usually happened after a period (20 minutes) of my browsing my music, adding songs to tracklists etc. If I just played music it would freeze randomly and usually after an hour or two. In the last week the app freezes and closes and doesn’t reopen at all for several minutes. This happens after a few minutes and is not related to any particular time of use. Simply playing a track causes the thing to freeze, shut and reopen.

Some users say turning on Airplane mode seems to have stopped the app crashing issues for them, but then you will not be able to stream any content.

I am also getting the crash on iOS (iPhone13 and iPadpro5) after about 2 minutes. I can confirm that if I set “airplane mode” the application does not crash, and is able to play downloaded content. Actually managing to download any content to watch is a different issue, however.

We hope Plex developers soon acknowledge the app freezing and crashing issues and fix it in a future release so iOS users can use the app once again. When they do, we will let you know so stay tuned.

Update 1 (February 01)

05:39 pm (IST): An individual has shared a workaround that has helped them fix the issue on their end. Check it out below:

Go to plex.tv. Library. And click customization. Disable everything except newly added and newly released. Will fix the crashes 100% (Source)

Update 2 (February 03)

04:41 pm (IST): Plex has recently released version 7.28 update for its app on iOS. And hopefully, it includes improvements for the crashing issue. So, users can download the latest version from the App Store and see if the issue gets resolved.

Update 3 (August 17)

05:55 pm (IST): Many Plex users are again reporting (1, 2, 3) the issue where the app is crashing for them after the latest v8.7 update on iOS.

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