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Overwatch is a multiplayer PvP shooter game that has been developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Due to its overwhelming popularity, a new addition to this franchise called Overwatch 2 will be launched soon.

That said, it seems the developers still have to invest more time on Overwatch because the game isn’t bug-free. Players have been affected by some issues every once in a while in the past.

The latest issue that Overwatch players are facing is with the ‘Legendary’ and ‘Origins’ Edition skins missing or locked.

Overwatch Legendary & Origins Edition skins missing

According to gamers, they have had these skins since the launch of the game but suddenly when they recently checked gallery of heroes, all these skins are missing or locked for them (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).

This issue doesn’t seem to be limited to a particular character as players have reported it for various heroes like Tracer, Soldier, Reaper, Pharah, Bastion, etc.

Overwatch origin and legendary skins are locked

Are any other Overwatch players that bought the Origins edition missing the Origin skins? I’m looking at my skins and I don’t have the Origin skins anymore but I have the Origin edition of the game. @BlizzardCS @PlayOverwatch #Overwatch

Overwatch I got the watch point pack and lost my origin skins but gained random skins not included for hanzo,junket, dva moire and mercy and cassidy, what’s going on

Many speculate that the cause of this issue could be the recent update where for a limited time players have a chance to get items from all past Anniversaries and seasonal events in loot boxes.

Issue acknowledged

Fortunately, a community manager on the Overwatch forum has acknowledged this issue and said that they are currently working on it. However, they did not provide any ETA for the fix.

Thank you for your reports. We hope to have a fix rolled out soon. Sorry no specific ETA, but it won’t be today. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your skins. (Source)

We hope a fix is released soon so players can enjoy this game one last time as it will go offline once Overwatch 2 is launched on October 4, 2022.

Rest assured, we will be keeping tabs on further developments on the matter and let you know once the bugs are fixed so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

Update 1 (August 11)

06:32 pm (IST): A community manager on Blizzard community has confirmed that the issue with Origin Edition skins disappearing has now been resolved.


Update 2 (August 12)

05:45 pm (IST): Some users have also confirmed that their Origins skins have indeed been unlocked after the recent patch that was meant to fix this problem. So we’d suggest checking your skins once again if you haven’t yet.

Have you checked since yesterday? There was a patch (on PSN at least) and then a little while later in-game there was a “server update available.” After that, my Origins skins were restored. (Source)

Dw bro you aren’t the only one. I had this, met someone else who had the same issue. Patched for me recently though. (Xbox) (Source)

There have been 300 posts saying they’re missing so I thought I’d make one saying they’re back (Source)

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