MultiVersus MMR system still broken or bugged for many despite deploying fix

Leaderboards are a way for players to display their skill level in any game. In MultiVersus, MMR is your Matchmaking Rating which is a number that determines your skill level relative to the rest of the player base.

Players get awarded these MMR numbers after each win and subsequently lose them after a loss. So the higher the MMR, the better the player is.

On a leaderboard, these numbers are displayed along with each player’s highest-rated character.

MMR is not updating or counting after games

However, many MultiVersus players are facing an issue where the MMR system is bugged as it is currently not updating or counting after games (1,2,3,4,5).

Players are complaining that they have played multiple games with a certain character but the corresponding MMR numbers are not reflected in that particular character’s stats.

MultiVersus MMR system not updating

Hey guys! I have really been enjoying this game! It’s so awesome. Any word on when you’re going to fix the MMR system? I’ve played hundreds of games as Harley and have a recent 70% winrate yet the MMR still is registering as batman as my most played and my MMR never changes.

@Tony_Huynh @multiversus is there a glitch right now for some players where MMR does not change? Seems like I can play all day and the number stays the same

Players losing more MMR than they gain on a win

The MMR system is designed in a way that players are rewarded more for winning games. But this hasn’t been the case for many players as they get penalized more for a loss as compared to a reward for a win (1,2,3,4,5).

This makes it really difficult for players to rank up on leaderboards.

MultiVersus MMR system

I won 10, 1s games in a row and got to 3k global. I proceed to lose 2 games and I’m 17k? i win games and I go up about 200 spots I lose one and all of a sudden I’m down 3000. Kind of breaks my mental.

Are they gonna reset the MMR and ranks when the season resets? Also why does losing set you back so much more than winning? it’s almost impossible to climb back to your highest rank after losing a single match.

Although Tony Huynh, the game’s director, has said the issue with a bugged or broken MultiVersus MMR system has been fixed, there are plenty of new reports proving that’s not the case.

MultiVersus 'broken or bugged MMR system'

The MMR system is a key part of MultiVersus, so these issues are a major problem for its players and we hope they get fixed soon.

As always we’ll keep an eye on this issue and update this article to reflect the latest developments.

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