Twitter is very useful tool for those looking to stay on top of current global trends and keep up with what is happening around personal topics of interest.

Over the years, the social network has received tweaks and new features. For instance, the increase in the character limit per tweet, the inclusion of Twitter Spaces and more.

However, not all changes are well received by users. Recently, many Twitter users started noticing ‘Related Tweets’ appearing below replies to the main tweets, something that’s receiving a lot of criticism.

The Twitter ‘Related Tweets’ feature that is drawing a lot of criticism

Many Twitter users are expressing their discontent with the new ‘Related Tweets’ feature that has started showing up on their accounts.

Below the replies to a tweet, a thread will appear with tweets supposedly related to the main one.


These ‘Related Tweets’ are really messing with my brain. Scrolling through the replies on a Tweet about rising energy prices and see a ‘Related Tweet’ about a rogue rhino blitzing through a town thinking the riots have started and we’ve uncaged the animals and set them on Eon.

Twitter: hey do you want some related tweets? I’ve got some super relevant to what you were looking at tweets right here!
The tweets: literally just whatever is most viral at the current moment
Thanks guys, great feature, 10/10

Apparently, the main problem is that ‘Related Tweets’ are rarely really related to the main tweet.

this “related tweets” shit is annoying and unnecessary. why did y’all think this was a good idea?? none of the tweets i’ve seen have been remotely related in the slightest

This “related tweets” feature is a nuisance because none of those tweets ever relate.

In the following screenshot you can see that for a main tweet about a birthday the ‘related tweet’ is an Elon Musk meme.

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Twitter users request the removal of the feature

The fact that the feature is not able to correctly determine tweets that are really related to the main tweet makes its existence meaningless. Currently, it feels just like a quick way to promote random tweets.

As a result, many Twitter users are asking for the removal of the feature since it is not providing useful content. A way to disable the feature would also be quite handy.


Dear @Twitter You have put “Related Tweets” under my own Tweet that are nothing to do with my Tweet 👎🏻 I am actually able to decide what I want to see and so if you could remove it, that will be awesome 📢💛

This “related tweets” feature under the comments section of tweets is not relating anything abeg. @Twitter please remove it. Thank you.

There is still no official statement from the Twitter team about the situation. We will update this story as events unfold.

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