[Updated] Wayspot (PokeStop) in Pokemon Go & Portal nominations, photo submissions & edits in Ingress not working? Here's why

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Original story (published on August 13, 2021) follows:

If you are a Pokemon Go or Ingress Prime player, you must have heard of Wayspot.

They are points of interest from where players can collect particular items and complete the research tasks in the game.

Experienced Pokemon Go and Ingress players can apply to the Niantic Wayfarer platform to recommend locations for new Wayspots in their area.


In case you want to be a part of the Niantic Wayfarer platform, you will need to be Level 8 or higher in Ingress, whereas Pokemon Go players must be at least Level 40.

But in the last few days, numerous users have been complaining that Wayspot in Pokemon Go and photo submissions, edits and Portal nominations in Ingress Prime are not working.

Some players also report that their existing submissions are disappearing.


0n August 10 at 11u45 , I received a mail my nomination is accepted. Immediately it showed up in Ingress but now on August 12 at 20u46 it still not in pokemon go. Usually it appears the same day after 20u00. All criteria are good. It’s in a free cell and more then 20m distance. Is this because of the updated in wayfarer? Will it appear later this week when updates are done?

Are there any current known issues with Portal submissions not actually appearing in Ingress after they are approved in Wayfarer?

I have 3 super obvious ones (a baseball diamond, a wood carving, and a sports centre sign) that are nowhere near anything existing and yet have not populated in game (and no key or AP) Is there a way to flag these portals (waypoints) in forums for a moderator or?

Well, there’s no reason to panic. Niantic recently announced that they are performing maintenance that might affect the Pokemon Go and Wayfarer experience.

The developers have stated that PokeStop nominations will be halted for a week. Moreover, Niantic has announced that they are upgrading their website, which should increase the overall stability of the platform.


Coming to Ingress Prime, Niantic has announced that they will be working on upgrading the backend of the Portal Network. It is being updated to the latest version of Niantic Lightship and Wayfarer.

Because of this, certain features such as photo submissions, edit, and Portal nominations will be disabled for some weeks.

Keep in mind that if you have already submitted your nominations, photos, or edits, you do not need to do it again.


So, before you go all out on Pokemon Go developers and ask them why Wayspot is not working, you might want to take a deep breath and wait for the maintenance to finish.

Update 1 (September 17)

IST 06:15 pm: As per multiple reports, Ingress players are still unable to see their Portals in the Intel map or the game even after being approved/accepted in Wayfarer. Issue being looked into.

Hey there, Agents! I’ve shared the names and coordinates of all the portals with the concerned team. Our team is working on it. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Update 2 (August 11)

03:55 pm (IST): Many Pokemon Go players are reporting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) that they aren’t able to make any new Wayspot nominations at level 38.

Luckily, the support team has acknowledged the issue and said that they are currently working to resolve it.

Hello Explorers, Thank you for sharing that some of you at Level 38 in Pokémon GO can’t make new Wayspot nominations. We are currently working on it and will keep you posted. Safe Exploring! (Source)

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