Microsoft Surface devices riddled with battery issues (rapid draining, not charging & swollen), no offical word yet

Microsoft is a giant in the technology and internet industry. The company offers a wide catalog of both hardware and software products.

While many know Microsoft for its Office work suite, the company also develops laptops under the ‘Surface’ family. Surface devices started out as hybrid tablets but now there are also classic laptops in the series.

That said, for weeks social networks and forums have been filled with reports about multiple battery issues that Microsoft Surface device users have been facing.

Apparently, many Microsoft Surface device users are experiencing battery draining, battery not charging, dead, overheating while charging and swollen.

Microsoft Surface devices users dealing with multiple battery issues

Dead battery (won’t charge)

One of the issues that many Microsoft Surface devices users are facing is the death of batteries. Suddenly, the battery of their devices stopped charging without apparent explanation.


Some users tried to use other chargers (even new ones) but the problem was still present. This clearly indicates that the problem is in the battery.

Hi! Last week, the battery of my Surface laptop 3 wouldn’t charge. I ordered a new charger since I had problems with the charger before, but I still have the same problems with the new charger. Sometimes it charges, sometimes not.. not really convenient. Anyone any idea what the problem is?

Battery overheating while charging

In some cases, users are dealing with overheating of their devices while charging. This issue can lead to other long-term issues such as shorter life, swollen or dead battery.


According to reports, overheating extends even to basic usage situations while the device battery is not charging.

Hiii. Recently my Surface Go is seriously overheating when its charging. Now its starting to overheat when i use basic applications like microsoft word and excel even when its not charging. Im really concerned. And its much slower now probably bevause of the heat.

Microsoft Surface devices that won’t turn on

There are also reports of users affected by an issue where their Microsoft Surface devices won’t turn on (neither the screen nor the keyboard turn on). The issue seems to occur suddenly and without warning.


Surface wont turn on

The screen is black. The keyboard does not light up and when i push dettach button is flick green light and turn red. Iused it in tablet mode two day ago and charge since then. And today it wont turn on. Sorry for my bad english. Note: i have already holded all button combo and it does not work.

Battery draining

Microsoft Surface devices are also experiencing battery draining. There are reports that describe a battery consumption of 20%-30%/hr with very basic use (web browsing with few tabs and document readers).


Surface studio SLS draining battery so much so fast

Hi, So I decided to post since I have checked several reddit posts from here and forums and even called customer support. I need help with my SLS (i7, 3050ti model, Win11) as it is draining around 20mw/h according to HWiNFO64.

I am personally watching the battery drain about 20%-30%/hr on 60hz, 50-70% brightness, using 1-3 tabs chome (with accelerated hardware off), adobe reader and word open at the same time.

Swollen battery

This problem can stem directly from the ‘overheating while charging’ issue. It causes Microsoft Surface devices batteries to expand, being a potential danger even for the users health.

@MicrosoftHelps My surface book 2 has bulging battery problem. It is not closing and it is heating up too much. Please help. I can provide the seriak number and I am in the UK.

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No official acknowledgment yet, potential quality control issue?

It’s worth pointing out that there is no Microsoft Surface model especially affected by battery issues, as there are reports from multiple Surface lines.

Although it has not yet been officially confirmed, the many reports on the matter suggest a potential quality control issue in Microsoft Surface devices batteries.

If you are one of the Microsoft Surface devices users affected by any of the battery issues described above, feel free to share your experience in the comments box below.

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