[Update: Servers down] Hunt Showdown constant server disconnection troubles players

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Original story (published on April 12, 2022) follows:

Developed and published by Crytek, the same studio that developed the legendary Crysis, Hunt Showdown is an online multiplayer FPS shooting game.

The title was first launched on Windows and Xbox in 2019 and marked its appearance on the PlayStation a year later. Soon after its release, both players and critics have praised the game for its visuals and gameplay.

Plague Doctor

But make no mistake, as players often encounter technical glitches such as the botched sensitivity for controllers after the 1.8 update and many unable to place or deploy the bear trap.

Adding to the list of problems, Hunt Showdown players are now facing server disconnection issues (1,2,3,4,5). Many say it has made the game completely unplayable for them.

While most of these reports are coming from those who play on the European server, the problem seems to be affecting other regions as well.

Players say they already tried generic solutions such as restarting the game and verifying files but the issue persists. Here is what some Hunt Showdown players experiencing server disconnection issues have to say on the matter.


Got disconnected shortly after killing the last guy on the Server. See Title. I normally dont rant but this pissed me off to much. 45 Minute solo gameplay, best and most exciting round I ever played, I have 5 kills under my belt. I kill the last hunter, just wanted to start looting them and then proceed to kill the boss: Disconnected from Server. I cried. And it was definetly the server, no problem on my end there. Guess I will take a break from Hunt for a while…Rant over.

It just happened to me in trios. Every team spawned super close and the whole server was dead after a chaotic fight between Godard Docks and Blanc Brinery. While waiting for the banishing I got kicked out, not sure if it happened to my teammates as well. The game awarded exp and money for kills, boss kill and banish, and also gave back my original loadout. Kinda sad because I entered with Crossbow and managed to grab a Berthier, but not losing the hunter for a disconnect is at least something I guess.

While Hunt Showdown developers have restarted the game servers in EU, it looks like players are still getting disconnected while playing.

EU Hunters, We are performing a restart on the EU server ASAP for both PC and Console. We hope this will alleviate issues that you all have been encountering. Thank you for your patience.

We hope the developers soon find out the root cause of the issue and fix it in the coming days since the game is currently unplayable at best for many. When they do, we will update this space to let you know so stay tuned.

Update 1 (August 8)

10:38 am (IST): Fresh reports (1, 2, 3) from gamers suggest that Hunt Showdown servers are again down or not working for many. Also, an expeditious spike in the number of reports on Downdetector confirms the same.

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