[Updated] MultiVersus Jake & Velma combo unbeatable or overpowered, nerf coming after EVO update

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Original story (published on August 04, 2022) follows:

MultiVersus has impressed so far in its beta stage. It is based on a gameplay system similar to that of the Nintendo Smash Bros saga but characters such as Shaggy, Taz and Batman make it really unique.

However, the game has had its fair share of high-profile bugs and issues already such as Finn Hitboxes being bugged and Batman grappling hook broken for many players.

MultiVersus Jake & Velma combo overpowered

Now, MultiVersus players are saying that the Jake and Velma combo is unbeatable or extremely overpowered (1,2,3,4,5).

This meta works like this, first Jake turns into a house or boat, and then Velma rushes to provide cooldown reduction before launching consecutive projectiles bouncing off Jake and zooming towards enemies.

Because of the house mechanics, even if players try to hit back they either get projectiles thrown back at them or bounce off the house as Velma would be inside of Jake, which amplifies all of her projectile attacks.

MultiVersus Jake and Velma overpowered

@multiversus found an actual bug and people are abusing the hell outa it, if jake does his house move and stays in place you can hide velma inside of him and she can spam homing projectiles with no way of countering or interupting it, please fix

This combo is extremely toxic and the players doing this know that they’re exploiting the meta.

I think Jake and Velma are broken, whenever Jake turns into a house or boat, Velma can just infinite spam her speech bubble attack. Fix this

In a game where you cannot block your opponent’s attacks, overpowered mechanics like this become really frustrating.

Issue acknowledged

Fortunately, Tony Huynh, the MultiVersus director, has confirmed a nerf is coming to Jake and Velma after the EVO update.


We hope Warner Bros. soon patches this overpowered meta. When they do, we will be updating this space to reflect the same so stay tuned.

Update 1 (August 05)

09:38 am (IST): MultiVersus game director has confirmed that they have released an online only fix for Jake ally projectile reflect not triggering ally cooldowns.

This appears to be directly linked to Jake and Velma combo being overpowered.

An online only fix for the Jake ally projectile reflect not triggering ally cooldowns and a bug fix for Tom and Jerry losing ability to perform aerial attacks when they’ve reached their aerial special limit went out. Let me know if you see any issues. #MultiVersus (Source)

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