[Updated] MultiVersus Finn Hitboxes bugged or inconsistent, players demand nerf; Lebron no ball glitch under investigation too

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Original story (published on August 03, 2022) follows:

MultiVersus is a free-to-play crossover fighting game that brings together a diverse mix of Warner Bros. characters. Some of the characters include Wonder Woman, Batman, Arya Stark and so on.

But one of the popular characters from the game, Finn, is being targeted as users find him utterly overpowered. Lebron, on the other hand, doesn’t get his ball back and sometimes can’t use the ball at all.

According to players (1,2,3,4), Finn’s Hitboxes are bugged or inconsistent across his body. In some cases, the character can give damage even if he is not touching the other character.


Please fix Finn Hitbox, his sword covers the entire fking body

FINN needs a serious nerf man has no consequences for Hitbox his hitbox for attacking is annoying cause he wins most confrontations

Even if players hit Finn on their screen, the damage does not register. It ostensibly ignores other attacks that hit him first.

You can check out the MultiVersus ‘Finn Hitbox’ glitch in the video below:

finn hitboxes are horrendous from MultiVersusTheGame

Sometimes, Finn Hitboxes extend way too far and linger. And this is prompting many players’ demand to nerf Finn.

Players are also experiencing animation issues with Finn, as seen below:

Doesn’t matter if it’s the beginning of the animation if it says he hasn’t swung yet then the Hitbox should show that he has swung yet

Lebron ‘no ball’ glitch

Lebron, another MultiVersus character, seems to be bugged too. Players are facing an issue where they don’t get the ball back (1,2,3,4,5).

We’ve added a few reports below for reference:


Idk it its a glitch but sometimes I DO have the ball in my hands but I still fighting with my defense moves. Why is that?

I wish it gave him his ball back. It’s one of his only reliable moves when he doesn’t have a ball.

Clearly, Lebron needs to get a ball in order to attack the opponent. And that seems terribly struck with a persistent ‘no ball’ glitch.

Official acknowledgment

Finn Hitboxes and Lebron ‘no ball’ glitch are currently under investigation. But it looks like the team might also have to look at other characters like Shaggy, who some players say are also affected.


That said, we’ll keep track of any further developments regarding the issue and will update the story if and when we come across something useful.

Update 1 (August 05)

06:34 pm (IST): A game director of MultiVersus has confirmed that they’ll be making changes to Finn in sections. And they are currently working on a big overhaul for the Hitbox system.

We’ll be looking at Finn in sections, we are working on a big overhaul of our hitbox/hurtbox system so don’t want too many moving parts (Source)

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