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Hulu is one of the most popular streaming TV and on-demand services. Like other similar services, it is accessible from multiple platforms through apps and web browsers.

One of the main advantages of Hulu is its affordable entry-level subscription fee. This allows for many to opt for Hulu as their main or add-on streaming service without breaking the bank.

Hulu also offers some very useful features like cloud DVR. This allows the programming of a certain time on certain channels to be recorded, so that you can see it whenever you want.

However, it seems that many Hulu users are facing an issue with DVR recordings during F1 events, as races are being partially or not recorded.

Hulu DVR recording not working properly on F1 races

According to multiple reports, the Hulu DVR feature is not properly recording F1 races. In some cases, the service records some sections of the race, while in others it does not record anything.


I’m done with @hulu live tv. Their support is a bot, and I’ve had the same problem for 7 out of the last 9 sundays. Here we are with another unrecorded F1 race. Thankfully it started late, and I’m watching it live. Why is there a red record button, but the race isnt recording.

F1 Sprint not on Hulu?

Anyone know why Hulu DVR would be missing certain Formula One events on Hulu. Today it was the Austrian Sprint Race. Never have DVR problems with Practice\Qualifying\Race events but this is the second time I’ve got DVR bupkis for Sprints.

This is the cause of the issue

The cause of the issue seems to be the constant change of the labeling of the races, even during the event.

In order for Hulu DVR to record a show or event, the user must add a tag related to the event (for instance, ‘F1’) in the ‘My stuff’ section.

However, it seems that the labeling of F1 races is constantly changing, which causes Hulu DVR not to start recording the race, as its labeling does not match the one set in ‘My stuff’ section.


If the event labeling change occurs before the event, Hulu DVR will not record anything. On the other hand, if the change happens during the race, Hulu DVR will record up to the moment the change happened.

@espn and @hulu need to get your stuff in order. Can’t even reliably record f1 anymore. Half the episodes are tagged Formula 1, the other half as Formula One. And now races don’t even record because they have yet another name/tag.

Formula 1 / Formula One

Sometime in May beginning around the time of the Spanish Grand Prix, Hulu decided to start naming some – but not all – F1 events as “Formula 1.”

Until May, everything was being recorded and bucketed under “Formula One.” As a result, I missed a handful of recordings until I realized I needed to add “Formula 1” to My Stuff.

Official acknowledgment and a workaround

The Hulu team is already aware of the issue and working on it. But there is no official ETA for a fix yet.


Meanwhile, there is a method that could address the problem before the official fix arrives. Basically, you can access ESPN with your Hulu credentials and you will have all on-demand F1 content at your disposal.

You’re probably better off just using the ESPN app with your Hulu credentials instead. All the F1 stuff is in there on demand. No need to record anything. Also if you happen to only be subscribed to Hulu Live for F1, you’re better off just subscribing directly to F1’s F1 TV service instead.

We will update this story once new developments on the subject emerge.

Update 1 (July 22)

06:08 pm (IST): Multiple recent reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) suggest that the issue where Hulu DVR is not recording correctly has spread to other shows and events (not just F1 races).

Hulu team is aware of the problem and working on a fix.

Update 2 (August 05)

05:13 pm (IST): According to one of those affected, the issues with Hulu DVR recordings aren’t new and Hulu always claim to be working to resolve them but still there is no fix in sight.

I’ve had a bunch of convos with your support staff already. Have been told “there are bugs we’re working on” – and that was months ago. Happy to DM further. (Source)

NOTE: You can also check the Hulu bugs/issues tracker.

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