Eve (Dough) Spectrum monitor buyers still waiting for units to ship or arrive months after placing orders, company remains silent

Crowdfunding is a method that allows a community of people interested in a particular product to finance and participate in certain development decisions for new projects.

There are multiple successful products that were born with a crowdfunding campaign. However, there are also cases where the bad faith of those responsible for the campaign caused many headaches.

Eve is one of the companies that started a crowdfunding campaign a few years ago. The product offered by the company was the Eve Spectrum, a gaming monitor whose characteristics made it very interesting on paper.

But it seems that things have not gone well for many people who trusted Eve. Even the company changed its name unexpectedly from ‘Eve’ to ‘Dough’ for unknown reasons.

Eve (Dough) Spectrum monitor buyers waiting months (or years) for a unit

The Eve (Dough) Spectrum monitor was originally announced 3 years ago. Unfortunately, there are many buyers who are still waiting for the shipment or for a refund as I write this.

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While the problem has been going on for years, a recent video from Linus Tech Tips reignited interest:

A quick look at the video’s comments section and you’ll find many people advising others to avoid being scammed by Eve (Dough). There’s even a Reddit thread encouraging those affected to participate in the comments.

The main problem that many are facing is the same that occurs in other scam cases. That is, they have been waiting for months (and even years) for the arrival of their monitor (or at least for a refund).


Affected buyers seeking more media coverage of the issue

It’s worth pointing out that there is more ‘shady stuff’ in this matter. For instance, a Redditor suggests that the shipping company used by Dough in North America doesn’t exist.


Another Redditor is working on trying to get the matter out to some media outlets. This way, the problem will have more visibility and perhaps get some reaction from the company.


Some buyers finally got DHL tracking numbers, but…

After a very long wait and a lot of insistence, some buyers finally managed to get a DHL tracking number to know the status of their shipments. Curiously, DHL’s estimated date of arrival shows a considerable delay.

NSS just gave me my DHL tracking number for my Spectrum 4K Glossy at long last as well. Here’s how we’re looking – bummer to see that “July 14” date just sitting there, knowing I could have had this on my desk already.


But even this does not guarantee that the situation ends with a happy ending for them, as there are some reports of quality problems in the Eve (Dough) Spectrum and other company products.

i had something from this company long ago. the thing broke and they never would offer any service to fix it. they wanted me to pay some $100 to ship it to China.

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No official statement from the company yet

We hope that the matter develops in the best possible way so that affected buyers begin to receive their monitors, especially now that it is attracting the attention of more people.

Unfortunately, there is still no official statement from the company. The closest thing we have is the constant interaction of a Dough community manager in the support forums with affected users.

We will update this story once new related events arise.

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