Google Nest thermostat not turning on AC compressor (not cooling) for many, but there're some workarounds

Google Nest thermostat is a programmable device that lets you create an energy-efficient schedule in the Google Home app. It monitors your activity and builds a schedule based on data collected.

It is handy as it can be operated using your Google Home app on your iOS and Android devices.

Google Nest thermostat not turning on AC compressor

However, many Google Nest thermostat users are reporting that their AC units aren’t cooling down their place to the desired temperature set on their devices (1,2,3,4,5).

The AC unit turns on normally and it displays on the thermostat that cooling has begun, but after some time the compressor turns off without lowering the temperature.

In some other cases, the compressor doesn’t even turn on at all.

Google Nest thermostat issue


No matter how cool we set the thermostat it isn’t cooling our home. We can have it set to 50 and it’s currently 83 in my house. We got an alert a week ago or so. Not sure how to troubleshoot or fix. I’ve swapped batteries, shut off and turned on. Nothing is working. Source

These thermostats are a waste of money!!! Took the time to wire my thermostat up, get everything connected. Than the fan is the only thing that turns on. The AC compressor is not working at all. Call professionals out and they told me to get rid of the nest thermostats. Put the old one back in and everything works perfectly fine. Even to be safe I replaced the AC compressor connector and the capacitor while I had it opened.

With reports dating back months, it looks like this issue with the Google Nest thermostat has been affecting many users for quite some time.

Google Nest thermostat

This is inconveniencing many users, thus we hope Google looks into this Nest thermostat not turning on AC compressor issue at the earliest and releases a fix soon.

Potential workaround

While Google is yet to comment on the matter, we did come across a workaround that seems to be helping some users. It involves replacing the “C” wire on the thermostat.

My system did the same thing. Existing t-stat controlled A/C , installed Nest and the forced air heat worked but A/C kicked on and off within seconds.
I did have a blue “C” wire on old t-stat, and used that on Nest. Unfortunately the common wire was wired incorrectly on the control board. I switched it to the correct terminal and A/C works perfect.

Please let us know in the comments section below whether the workaround was effective in solving this issue for you. Also, stay tuned for more updates.

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