[Updated] PowerWash Simulator crashing during co-op multiplayer mode on Xbox, fix in the works

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In the video game industry, there are dozens of genres of all kinds that cover personal tastes of any player.

The ‘simulator’ genre is one of the most popular. Although the most well-known simulators tend to be sports-focused, there are successful simulators based on common everyday tasks.

For instance, PowerWash Simulator recently arrived and became one of the most eye-catching simulators. The game challenges the player to build a power-washing business that keeps getting bigger and more demanding.

In PowerWash Simulator, players must take their powerful pressure water guns and remove any stains or dirt from objects, cars, and even entire houses.

However, currently many PowerWash Simulator players are facing a crashing issue on Xbox consoles during co-op multiplayer mode.

PowerWash Simulator crashing during co-op multiplayer on Xbox

You can enjoy the game either in ‘Solo’ mode or in multiplayer mode with friends. But according to multiple reports, PowerWash Simulator is crashing when in co-op multiplayer mode on Xbox consoles.

In some cases, the crash occurs when trying to start a co-op game:


Meanwhile, in other cases, the crash occurs during the co-op round:

Keep crashing on the kids park cleanup. Why?

As the title implies, I keep crashing during the mission on the kids park. Why would that be? I crash if I go in the top, I crash if I clean the ceilings, and I crash randomly while cleaning normally. Why? It really takes away some of the fun of Power-Washing with a friend.

Note: Its multiplayer on Xbox One.

Xbox game crashing in odd way

PowerWash Simulator is crashing specifically when I get to the playground level on co-op. I know not to look at the sun because that crashes it but I can’t even walk near the main playground building or my game up and dies. I hope to God that they fix this, because this is an incredibly fun game.

FuturLab working on a fix

PowerWash Simulator devs are aware of the crashing issue and working on a fix, which should be ready by the end of next week.

We’re working on a fix as fast as we can, aim to have it out by end of next week. Non host players looking directly into the sun and moving can crash. Sorry in the meantime.

Meanwhile, one method that can help avoid crashing is not pointing directly at the sun in the game.

We will update this story once new related developments emerge.

Update 1 (July 19)

10:49 am (IST): PowerWash Simulator support team has again informed players that they are working on a hotfix for multiplayer crashing issue on Xbox. And it should be available this week.

Just a reminder, we are working on a hotfix for multiplayer non-host crashing on Xbox platforms. We aim to get it out this week. Sorry again folks! Also stay safe in the IRL sun and stay hydrated! (Source)

Update 2 (July 20)

10:29 am (IST): PowerWash Simulator crashes when you directly look into the sunlight and move. And thus, players should try playing in indoor maps to prevent the game from crashing.

Update 3 (July 21)

11:03 am (IST): A Redditor has pointed out that only non-hosts are affected by this issue. Hence, to prevent crashing, those affected should try hosting the game.

Update 4 (July 22)

10:41 am (IST): PowerWash Simulator support has confirmed that the Xbox multiplayer crash hotfix is in its final testing stage and will be released soon. Here’s the full statement:

Hey everyone! We’ve been working on the Xbox Multiplayer Crash Hotfix as fast as we can. We have a patch currently going through final testing and will let everyone know as soon as it is live. Our new release ETA is next week. Sorry again for the inconvenience! (Source)

Update 5 (July 25)

04:59 pm (IST): One of the affected player has pointed out that this issue isn’t just associated with lens flare, but it also depends on the size of the map.

I notice that the train crashes. That has a tumbleweed. The golf crashes. That has a golf ball. Mars was ok… physics rolling objects. They said it’s lens flares so maybe it is. But the old man rusty cars are sunny and I never crashed on those. Perhaps it’s big levels (Source)

06:12 pm (IST): PowerWash Simulator support team on Twitter has informed players that they have released the hotfix for crashing issue on Xbox.

Update 6 (July 26)

11:00 am (IST): One of our readers has reported that PowerWash Simulator is crashing even when playing in solo mode. Moreover, reports from other players (1, 2) also confirm the same.

Thanks for the tip: Kevin Tubbs!

Featured image: Square Enix

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