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Twitter, the social platform focused on microblogging, is used by millions of people daily.

Twitter differs from other social networks mainly because of two things: the limit of characters in the posts, and the ‘trending topics’.

The ‘trending topics’ feature allows users to easily access current relevant news. Twitter algorithm tries to get trending topics according to users personal tastes.

You can access Twitter through web browsers and dedicated apps. The apps usually receive constant updates with new features, tweaks and bug fixes.

However, changes on Twitter are not always well received by all users. This seems to be happening now with the new Twitter app ‘Refresh’ sound effect.

New Twitter ‘Refresh’ sound effect sparks mixed reactions

According to multiple reports, many Twitter users find the new ‘Refresh’ sound effect ‘annoying’, ‘irritating’, ‘strange’ and even ‘creepy’.

The new sound seems to imitate the sound of a small bird. It appears every time the user manually refreshes their timeline (not when it automatically refreshes).

Has twitter added a sound for when you refresh your feed? Don’t know if it’s a new update, but somehow it feels strange and creepy.

‘So the @Twitter refresh noise is super-irritating. Turned that shit off right away.’

i hate the new sound that plays when you refresh, @Twitter wtf r yall doin?

Although the effect tries to imitate a natural effect, it sounds more like a digital effect, which is a bit strange.

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However, although there are many users who are upset with the new Twitter ‘Refresh’ effect, there are also others who like it.

The twitter refresh sound is so cute 😆

Anyone noticed that with the new update .. Twitter makes a soft birdie sound when you refresh it ? Kind of cute 🐥

Just got the new Twitter chirp refresh sound and it’s so cute! 🐦 🎵
Sound on 🔊

Here’s how to turn off the new Twitter ‘Refresh’ sound effect

Having said the above, if you are among those who don’t like the new sound effect, we got you covered, as we will show you how to disable it.

It should be noted that the option is a bit hidden across the Twitter app menus. Which explains why many users are unable to find it.

The process to disable the new ‘Refresh’ sound effect is as follows:

  • Go to Twitter app settings, then tap on ‘Settings and privacy’
  • Tap on ‘Accessibility, display and language’, then on ‘Display’
  • Lastly, turn off the ‘Sound Effects’ switch
  • turn-off-new-twitter-refresh-sound-effect-1

    And that’s it. Do you like the new Refresh sound? Does it bother you? You can leave your comments below.

    Update 1 (July 22)

    12:47 pm (IST): As a potential workaround, you can also put your device on silent or vibration mode if you don’t want to listen to the new refresh sound.

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