[Update] LinkedIn timeline not showing posts in chronological order, issue acknowledged

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Today, there are many platforms and social networks where all types of users can find an ideal place to share with other people with similar interests.

The vast majority of social networks are dedicated to entertainment and communication. But there are some, like LinkedIn, that are focused on the professional and work environment.

LinkedIn users can use the platform as an ‘online resume’ that reflects their skills, abilities and professional achievements. Also, LinkedIn allows you to search for jobs and get in touch with other professionals.

Similar to other social networks, LinkedIn users have a timeline where they can make posts or check posts from other profiles they follow.

But currently, many LinkedIn users are unable to see timeline posts in chronological order.

LinkedIn timeline not showing posts in chronological order

According to multiple reports, LinkedIn posts sorting by chronological order is broken. Currently, platform users are receiving posts from months (or years) ago at the beginning of their timelines.


Company Linkedin posts on mobile not showing chronologically

Has anybody else noticed that company LinkedIn feeds, that their posts are all out of whack chronologically without anyway to filter by moat recent on mobile?

My company in-particular is showing posts from random months first like 11 months ago, then 2 months ago etc.

Is this a widespread bug?

LinkedIn Page showing only old posts from 1-2 years ago?

This just started today, they were all there yesterday. I haven’t changed anything.

My businesses’ linkedin page is only showing posts from 1-2 years ago, even though 4-5 posts are added daily for the last few years.

What would cause this? I am assuming hopefully some sort of temporary issue..

The issue is especially affecting institutions that need to maintain a strict chronological order in their publications. For instance, educational institutions or companies that keep track of daily events.


Also, the issue is causing certain important posts to be lost. So, users have to browse through the multitude of old posts until they find the one they want to see.

OH HEY @LinkedIn @LinkedInHelp I FOUND THE POST after waaaay too much scrolling. The fact that I cannot sort my own posts IN MY ADMIN VIEW by CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER is so infuriating

A fix is in the works

LinkedIn is already aware of the issue and working on a fix, but there is no ETA for its rollout yet.

Hi Bret – Apologies for the frustration with your Company Page posts. Our team is aware of this issue and working hard to resolve it as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience. -KH

We will update this story once new relevant events arise on the matter.

Update 1 (July 20)

06:32 pm (IST): The ‘timeline sorting’ issue that was affecting many LinkedIn users has been fixed. So, now they will be able to sort their timeline posts chronologically.

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