A terrible TikTok 'Turkey Teeth' trend guarantees perfect smile: But do you really need to try it?

A TikTok trend dubbed Turkey Teeth involving people flying to Turkey is doing rounds on the web. This expedition is usually serving the purpose of undergoing a cosmetic dentistry called ‘Turkey Teeth’.

Turkey has been a hotbed of dental procedures for quite some time. That’s why people are getting their teeth fixed with the help of crowns and veneers en masse.


The procedure saw a rapid boom when a 19-year old girl named Anya flew off to Turkey to get crowns and veneers for her teeth.

The fact that she documented her entire procedure on TikTok got many people to follow her footsteps too.


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Ever since, it has become a trend that has seen many influencers and young adults replace their otherwise healthy teeth with veneers.

Turkey Teeth procedure and complications

Cosmetic trend ‘Turkey Teeth’ involves filing down someone’s natural tooth and adding a fake cap (crowns and veneers) on top. Below is a video representation of the same:

No doubt, the procedure can cause severe damage to people’s natural teeth if not carried out properly.

Dental experts also claim that the procedure could put one at risk of nerve damage, death of teeth, severe pain, gum abscess and pulpitis.

Since the trend requires filing down your natural teeth which is otherwise done in cases like decaying, broken tooth and other dental issues, getting veneers for your healthy teeth can severely affect your cognitive activities too.

Here’s how Dr. Shaadi Manouchehri explains the complications of the trend in her TikTok video:


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Dr Maurice Johannes, Principle Dentist at Harley Street Smile Clinic also stated that:

Although patients are under the impression they are having veneers, in reality they are having crowns placed, which means much more aggressive tooth reduction.

Celebrities’ stance on the Turkey Teeth trend

Every viral trend somehow stems from a celebrity or influencer performing it. They are, in fact, the sole reason why a trend amplifies in the first place.

In this case, the Turkey Teeth trend was made popular by the likes of Katie Price and Love Island’s Jack Fincham.

Jack Fincham was one of the firsts to share his Turkey Teeth story after getting the treatment before appearing on the reality show in 2018.


Talking about the procedure, Jack confirmed that:

It can be quite uncomfortable. You have loads of injections to numb your mouth. It’s not an easy procedure. You have to do your research.

Katie Price also shared her experience and recounted the horrors she went through.


Nevertheless, if you still want to undergo a treatment that’s unnecessary and equally expensive, always bear in mind that veneers last around 15 years before needing to be replaced.

That automatically means spending more money and going through a painful event twice.

That said, we’ll keep tabs on any new developments on this horrifying trend and will update the article if and when there’s any useful information to share.

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