YouTube, the most popular video platform in the world, is visited daily by millions of users. YouTube content creators are a fundamental part of the success of the service.

Any YouTube user can upload videos to the platform as soon as they create an account. Also, by meeting certain requirements, YouTubers can monetize their channels.

Similar to other Google services, the AdSense system is in charge of YouTube monetization. So, users who want to monetize their channel should create an AdSense account and link it to their YouTube accounts.

At the beginning of each month, the unpaid earnings of the past month should be reflected in AdSense. But currently, many YouTube video creators are facing an issue where their unpaid earnings are still missing from AdSense.

YouTube creators unpaid earnings from weeks ago not transferring to AdSense

According to multiple reports, unpaid earnings for June and May are not being transferred to AdSense for many YouTube creators, even though half of July is already gone.


In some cases, the issue affects all the unpaid earnings. Meanwhile, in other cases, the problem partially affects unpaid earnings.

My Adsense Payment Account Balance is stuck on 70% percent because of Youtube Payment account

I’ve already accumulated 70% threshold earning in the Adsense Payment Account then my recent 30% Youtube Payment went into the Youtube Payment Account.

My problem is I can’t get the 70% because the 30% went in the Youtube Payment Account instead in the Adsense payment account where my previous youtube earning go into

The new ‘YouTube Payments’ section could be causing the problem

It’s worth pointing out that YouTube Creators accounts recently received a new ‘YouTube Payments’ section. So, there is now a ‘YouTube Payments’ section and an ‘AdSense Payments’ section.

But it seems that the implementation still needs some tweaks since the new option could be causing these problems.

Is YouTube not using Adsense to pay anymore?

So when I go to google. com/ adsense I have a drop down box in the top right corner that says “Payments account” with two options “Youtube” & “Adsense”. Usually every month my money comes to the adsense page, never had anything in the youtube tab. But this month I have money in the youtube tab, but not adsense tab.

@TeamYouTube My Google Adsense is showing May earnings, but still now updating my June earnings. On my main AdSense, it is showing May earnings and on AdSense for youtube it is showing June earnings. I am really worried about that. YT Channel: 😟

A fix is in the works

Fortunately, the YouTube team is aware of the issue and working on a fix, but there is no ETA yet.

no worries!! we’re already working to fix the issue where some creator’s unpaid earnings aren’t transferred yet to AdSense 🚧

We will update this story as new related developments emerge.

NOTE: You can also check the YouTube services bugs/issues tracker.

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