[Updated] Hulu users getting 'blank screen' after choosing profile or show, issue under investigation

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Hulu is one of the best known streaming services available. It is also one of the most affordable, which has helped increase its popularity.

However, there are some issues that the Hulu team needs to fix for an optimal experience. For instance, here we have covered reports about DVR recording issues during F1 races or audio nor working on iPad.

In recent days, Hulu users have been experiencing another issue where they get a blank screen after choosing a profile or show.

The ‘blank screen’ issue that many Hulu users are facing

According to multiple reports, the issue has been going on for at least a couple of weeks, and is preventing many users from enjoying their Hulu content.


Is the app not working?

I have tried to pull up the hulu app on my galaxy 20 ultra and get just s blank screen. I’ve restart my phone, updated the app, uninstalled/reinstalled the app, force stopped and nothing is working. It let’s me log in and pick my profile then is blank after that.

In some cases, Hulu users are able to login to their accounts, but will receive a blank screen once they choose a show or channel.

Why won’t Hulu run after the latest Android (Android 11) update on my Samsung tablet?

I updated my Samsung tablet to Android 11. Hulu stopped working. It will open, allows me to login, and lets me choose the profile I want to use but after that the screen just goes black and nothing happens.

Meanwhile, other Hulu users are not even able to access the service because they get the blank screen just after choosing a profile.

Thank you for replying. Logged in fine but it never gets past the blank loading page. Tried everything in the article already. Uninstalled, reinstalled, logged in, chose my profile, but still won’t get past the blank screen. App is updated and all other apps work. Motorola Edge.

Issue acknowledged

The Hulu team is already aware of the ‘blank screen’ issue and working on a fix. But there is no ETA for its rollout yet.

Apologies, Emmy! We’re currently looking into this behavior and are working towards a fix. For now, as a workaround, try to clear app data for the Hulu app and then re-launch the Hulu app, login, and select “maybe later” when asked to share location for ESPN. We hope that helps!

We will update this story as events unfold.

Update 1 (July 18)

06:37 (IST): Although in the first official acknowledgment the Hulu team stated that the company was working on a fix, a recent reply to a related report indicates that they are not aware of the problem.


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NOTE: You can also check the Hulu bugs/issues tracker.

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