Viral TikTok trend vabbing helps women find a potential match for themselves

There is a potentially egregious trend that’s making rounds on the internet and it’s known as vabbing.

TikTok is trending with a viral hashtag, #vabbing, which is a blend of two words. It’s when vagina and dabbing come together.

It basically means using your vaginal secretions in the form of perfume.

Women are simply dabbing their vaginal fluids on the wrist, neck and even back of their ears to potentially entice men.


According to Urban Dictionary, vabbing is:

When you stick your lady fingers in between your lady lips and put your lady juice behind your lady ears so that people want to sex your lady box.

However, vabbing is not a recent term but something that’s been there since 2019.

Comedians Emma Willmann and Carly Aquilino first mentioned this term in one of their episodes of the Secret Keepers Club podcast.

The practice has now gone viral on TikTok where women are sharing their vabbing experiences.


here’s the rules you need to know on how to #vab ✨ have you tried #vabbing yet?

♬ original sound - jewlieah

It’s not a mere perfume. This is rather a technique that has effectively helped many women find potential partners due to its pheromones releasing tendency.

Let’s talk about what the experts say about vabbing

A number of experts are sharing what they truly feel about the trending hashtag, vabbing.

According to Canadian-American Gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter, people with Hepatitis B need to be cautious about this trend. She further explains:

Those with hepatitis B not to take part in the trend as the bacteria could live on surfaces for a longer period.

Similarly, another gynecologist @karentangmd on TikTok, doesn’t seem very pleased with the trend and reacts:


I... ok 🤣 #vabbing #vab #learnontiktok

♬ original sound - KarenTangMD

A doctor on the Kyle and Jackie O Show said that:

There are a variety of aromas that come from down below. And sometimes they can be sweet, and sometimes they can’t be.


Is Vabbing as effective as some of youse say it is???? Let’s ask an actual doctor!!! 🩺 #vabbing #doctor #debunking #KJShow

♬ original sound - KyleAndJackieo

Not just the experts, numerous TikTokers are also letting people know what they feel about this trend.

For instance, comedian, writer and singer Em Rusciano shared her sardonic views in a hilarious manner:


Today I learned about #Vabbing and I have questions…

♬ original sound - Em Rusciano

@stiffsockspod on the other hand, explains in their TikTok video, how they feel about women who vab.

So, viral TikTok trend vabbing has swept many off their feet and left others in split.

We are already waiting for some more hilarious reactions to this gawky trend, which will be posted here as and when it happens. If you also have some tip or information to share with us, post it in the comments section below.

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