GRID 4S and GRID Game Boy Pocket - First impressions

Nostalgia is one of the strongest emotions that we humans feel. An image, song or even a smell can immediately take us back to those happy moments in life. It teleports us into a world we almost forgot existed.

This is precisely what I felt when I saw the GRID 4S and the GRID Game Boy Pocket. Basically, two revolutionary products turned into elegant and unique pieces of art.


What is GRID?

GRID is an art studio that specializes in framing classic electronic products like iPhones, game consoles, Apple Watch and some models of Google, Samsung and Nokia devices.

They focus on preserving and appreciating old-school hardware forgotten by the rapidly developing digital era. Their frames also help reduce E-waste as they are created by recycling old and obsolete devices.


The GRID 4S features the beloved Apple iPhone 4S with its original components individually displayed in an A3 size wooden frame. Only the battery in the frame is fake to ensure there aren’t any explosions or leakages.


The top of the frame has the classic iPhone 4S logo along with a description of the impact it had on the world and the future of smartphones.

The highlight of this art piece is the Steve Jobs signature at the bottom along with one of his quotes. If you’re a fan of his or Apple’s journey, you’re going to love staring at these components and reliving all those old memories.


Everything from the mighty A5 Bionic chipset to the SIM card holder has been labelled along with the dimensions of some components. The nearly extinct home button is one of my favorite parts of the frame.


GRID Game Boy Pocket

The GRID Game Boy Pocket is exactly what it sounds like. It’s one of the most popular portable consoles of the late 90s delicately presented in a stunning frame.


If you’ve been a fan of Nintendo’s consoles, then this is arguably the best gift you can give yourself. Just like the GRID 4S, it features all of the original components of the Nintendo Game Boy Pocket.

However, this one is more on the fun side. The background is filled with images of old Nintendo games and handmade artworks that will definitely make you feel nostalgic.


The GRID Game Boy Pocket also uses a font that is similar to the games of that era. Every component is well-labelled and the entire frame is nothing short of eye candy.

My favorite part about this frame is the motherboard of the old beast. Details like the 1996 Nintendo trademark on the chipset, the old-school RAM module and the contrast adjustment wheel make it so much more special.


Both GRID 4S and GRID Game Boy Pocket come with various mounting points at the back of the frame to allow easier installation.

Pricing and availability

All GRID products are available for international shipping. However, the delivery time may vary depending on your country and its rules and regulations.

The GRID 4S is priced at $139 and the GRID Game Boy Pocket comes at a price point of $189. The products are well packaged to ensure nothing is damaged during the shipping process.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, made possible in association with GRID Studio. PiunikaWeb doesn’t take any responsibility for the product being advertised here as well as how these devices are used.

About GRID: GRID is an Art studio that focuses on framing classic electronic products like iPhones, game consoles, Apple Watch and some models of Google, Samsung and Nokia devices. The studio has its warehouses in China, the United States, and the Czech Republic.


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