[Updated] DirecTV users unable to login (205.4 error) or reset password, issue acknowledged

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DirecTV is one of the best-known TV and on-demand content providers via satellite. The service offers a wide catalog of channels to please the tastes of all users.

Over the years, DirecTV has modernized itself by offering cloud streaming through the DirecTV Go app. This allows users to access all DirecTV content from almost anywhere.

That said, currently many DirecTV users have been facing issues where they are unable to login or reset their passwords.

DirecTV users unable to login due to 205.4 error

According to reports, many DirecTV users cannot access the service due to a ‘205.4 error’ message that appears when trying to login. The issue reportedly affects both the DirecTV app and the DirecTV website.


CARE CODE: 205.4

So for some reason I can’t sign into any apps (Android tv or Android phone). The username and password are correct, can sign in to the standalone DirecTV app and website, but when I try to login to an app with DirecTV as the provider it gives me this error:

Hmm… that isn’t the ID you use for this service. Try signing in with another ID.

CARE CODE: 205.4

In certain cases, DirecTV users can login only on some of their devices.

Why are my apps working on the bedroom stick with my @DIRECTV log in, but I try to log in with them living room, it tells me it’s not the right user name? Plus, I was already logged into them in both rooms, but only kicked me out of the on the living room firestick? @DIRECTV

Some DirecTV users are also unable to do a password reset

Also, the DirecTV user affected by the problem is also unable to do a password reset. This is something that some users tried to try to resolve the first issue.


Hey @DIRECTV, why when I reset my password and then go to sign-in again does it tell me “Check your entry and try again. Keep in mind you’ll have to reset your password after too many unsuccessful sign-in attempts”. I’ve reset my pword like 5 times now and can’t sign into my acc.

Some DirecTV users who try to do a password reset are even receiving a message saying that their user names no longer exist.

I’ve had it with @DIRECTV. Had forgotten my user name and password. User name resent. Reset password. All good. And then … when I went to log in, I was told the user name no longer exists. Hello, streaming services. Look forward to the $$$ savings and lack of aggravation

DirecTV team working on a fix

The DirecTV team is already aware of the issue where users are unable to reset their password. But, there is still no ETA for everything to work normally again.

Hello Zach, our team is aware of this situation, and we are actively working to solve it as soon as possible, for all of our customers to keep enjoying their favorite programming. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding. ^CamiloB

There is no word yet on the issue where users are unable to login due to the 205.4 error. We will update this story once new related developments emerge.

Update 1 (July 13)

1:36 pm (IST): Now, DirecTV team has acknowledged the issue where many users are unable to login to their accounts due to ‘205.4 error’. A fix is in development, but there is no ETA for its rollout yet.

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