TikTok's another fatal trend called Beach Holes Challenge: Know Everything about it Here

Earlier, excursions to beaches meant building a sand castle or taking a dip in the ocean. Now, people are flocking to the beaches to keep up with a bizarre TikTok trend/challenge called Beach Holes Challenge.

Pictures and videos of massive holes in the oceans, freshly dug by people (especially in Florida) started emerging on TikTok.



The suddenness with which it became a trend on TikTok definitely led to the uncertainty of its origin. But it has surely left the world baffled.

It’s not the usual holes and the excavations. Rather these holes are 5 feet deep and 4 feet wide.

Due to their alarming depth, it’s causing a huge inconvenience to people as well as the sea creatures, especially turtles.


Don’t leave the beach like this please although it was a good challenge #yogimagee #beachvibes #beachlife #beachingtiktok

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It’s not the first time we are seeing such a dangerous challenge. TikTok has rather become a repository of fatal trends and attempts.

Blackout Challenge, Milk Crate Challenge, and Chapstick Challenge are some of the challenges that have caused irrevocable harm to people’s life.

Fatalities and Injuries provoked by ‘Beach Hole Challenge’

Ever since the issue of these dangerous ‘beach holes’ has come to light, the number of injuries have also ascended.

There are people running and playing on the beach sometimes. Accidently stepping into such holes mean breaking an ankle or gravely injuring oneself.

Pregnant women, old people and children are usually more at risk as these holes sometimes may not even appear till the person is in close vicinity and accidently falls in already.

Apart from this, reports of people dying in the past due to sand collapsing on top of their heads are also unearthing.

In an article published by Fox29, it was discovered that a man lost his life in 2014 in a tragically similar fashion.


In another instance, an 18 year old succumbed as a result of sand collapsing.


Advisory issued by Florida Police against digging holes on the beaches

As soon as the risks related to this seemingly harmless challenge started to proliferate, police department and wildlife protection authorities came into the picture in order to protect the natural order of the public places.

Marco Island Police Department also issued the following advisory:


Not just the authorities, various concerned people have also joined in against this fatal challenge to prevent people from digging holes that are life threatening.

Many are also concerned about how these holes are stunting the hatchling of sea turtles.


THESE HOLES ARE DANGEROUS ⚠️ #turtle #beach #sand #hole

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If these holes are 5 feet deep, it’s pretty apparent for sea turtles to fall into them and get stuck till they die.

Therefore, the least we can do is not mindlessly dig holes on the beaches. Or as Allison Ward (beachgoer) suggests,

“I don’t care if they dig to China. Just fill it in before they leave”

That is all there is about the Beach Hole challenge, if you have any tip or information regarding this challenge, feel free to post it in the comments section below.

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