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Twitter is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Since its launch, its micro-blogging format with limited characters for direct posting has attracted many users.

Like other social networks, the service is available in multiple forms. You can use both a web version and a dedicated Twitter app for mobile devices.

However, in recent days, Twitter app users have been suffering from an annoying bug that directly affects navigation through posts/threads (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

Twitter app back button scrolling to top of threads

According to multiple reports, the issues started since a recent update. Now, when pressing the back button, the app does not remember the section of a thread where the user was.

More specifically, the glitch occurs when the user selects a sub-thread of replies within a thread on Twitter app. When pressing the Back button, interface returns to the beginning of the main thread.

Twitter Scrolls To Top When Opened Now?

I just noticed that with a recent update to the iOS Twitter app, the app ONLY opens to the latest tweet at the very top of my feed, instead of down where I left off.

Is there any way to go back to having it save where I stopped scrolling and come back to that later? I hate having to scroll all the way down to the last read tweets every time.

The issue is explained in much more detail in the following report:

Situation: I’m reading a long thread, I see that one tweet within that thread has multiple replies, so I click on that tweet to read them. When I’ve read them, I press the Back button to resume reading the thread.

Before: I press the Back button, it returns me to the main thread, at the position I was last viewing.

Now: I press the Back button, but it instantly scrolls up to the top of the thread. So then I have to scroll all the way back down, to resume reading where I was up to.

Twitter team is already aware

The Twitter team is already aware of the glitch. Currently, the company is working on a fix, but there is still no estimated arrival date for its rollout.


For now, affected users can only wait for the company to confirm that the fix is ready, and they can use the app normally again.

If there are new updates related to the Twitter app back button bug in the next few days, we will update this article with the relevant information. So, stay tuned with us.

Update 1 (April 07)

12:06 pm (IST): The issue where Twitter app scrolls to the top with back button will reportedly be resolved in the upcoming update.

Update 2 (April 09)

04:09 pm (IST): A Twitter employee has confirmed that both Twitter Alpha and Beta will receive a fix for this issue at the same time. However, there is no ETA for the fix.

Update 3 (April 12)

05:15 pm (IST): Users can try the following third-party apps as a temporary workaround.

Owly for Twitter – Android
Tweetbot for Twitter – iOS

Update 3 (April 14)

03:18 pm (IST): A Twitter employee previously said that the upcoming version will address this issue. However, it appears that this problem isn’t resolved in the latest 9.38.0 version, at least according to Artem Russakovskii of Android Police.

Moreover, the Twitter employee now says that the team will look into this once again to confirm.

Update 4 (April 15)

01:59 pm (IST): A Twitter employee has confirmed that a fix for this issue is included in the latest 9.39.0 version.

Update 5 (April 18)

02:00 pm (IST): Users can now install the 9.39.0 version of Twitter and see if this problem is fixed.

Update 6 (April 19)

05:35 pm (IST): The latest version of Twitter (9.39.0) which includes a fix for this issue isn’t available on the Play Store as of yet. So users will need to download the APK file instead.

Update 7 (April 20)

04:31 pm (IST): Twitter version 9.39.0 is finally available to install from the PlayStore. Those affected can now update and see if it resolves this issue.

Update 8 (July 11)

12:44 pm (IST): One of our readers reported (via Twitter DM) that the issue is still happening from time to time even after the latest Twitter app update (v9.49.0).


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