YouTube on Google Chrome lagging or slow after v103 update? Here's a potential fix

Just four years after it was introduced in 2008, Chrome became the world’s most popular browser. Since then, it has managed to top the charts with a market share of 63.58% last year.

Thanks to developers constantly working on introducing new features and improving existing ones, billions of people use it to surf the internet every day.


But sometimes these frequent feature additions cause issues such as distorted or overexposed colors and M1 Mac users unable to upload or attach files.

That said, many Chrome users who updated to v103 are reportedly having performance issues with YouTube, especially when trying to watch videos on the platform.

Some thought it was a problem on their end and tried clearing browser cache, cookies, and resetting Chrome settings but the issue persists.


YouTube (and possibly other websites) performance really laggy after latest update. Since the latest update of Google Chrome Version 103.0.5060.66 (Official Build) (64-bit) I’ve noticed that navigating around to be very painful, hovering over video links etc takes 2-3 seconds for anything to happen. Watching youtube videos, if trying to seek the video it works for about 1 second then Chrome kinda just “cuts out” – Performance is just terrible!

I will start by saying that my computer is a bit old and I have had it freeze etc a few times but for the past few days suddenly something has changed and youtube just doesn’t want to work properly on chrome for me. I have noticed that this ONLY happens with Youtube on chrome, all other sites work normally and in a similar way as they did before. The problem also isn’t with the video lagging itself it’s more about the website. It takes ages to load and when I click on the video it plays for a few seconds and stops because it hasn’t been able to buffer for some reason.

While Google is yet to comment on the matter, we came across a probable explanation as to why this might be happening.

If you happen to own a PC powered by an Intel processor, you might be affected by a recently discovered major security bug affecting Chrome.

The problem seems to be affecting those with Intel UHD 770 integrated GPU drivers and is affecting other Chromium-based browsers like Edge as well.

Also, we came across an easy workaround that might help reduce the severity of the Chrome lagging issue when watching YouTube. It involves disabling the AdBlock extension.

Apparently the AdBlock extension is lagging YouTube hard. When i tried a different adblocker like AdBlock Plus, YouTube suddenly runs really smoothly.

We hope the aforementioned workaround helped you fix the YouTube lagging issue on Chrome to some extent. If it did, do let us know in the comments down below.

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