Google Fi anti-spam SMS filters not working as spam texts increase, issue acknowledged

Google Fi (formerly known as Project Fi) is Google’s own telecommunications carrier that currently operates in the US market.

Google Fi offers phone calls, SMS and mobile data services. The carrier even offers 5G (only for Android phones) in some areas.

Its users also have access to other related services, such as anti-spam filters (for both SMS and calls). But it seems that currently, Google Fi anti-spam SMS filters are not working correctly.

SMS spam increased lately for many Google Fi users

According to multiple reports, Google Fi users have been receiving a huge amount of SMS spam in the last few days. Apparently, the origin of the messages manages to bypass all Google Fi anti-spam filters.


Inappropriate Spam

Over the last week I’ve been receiving multiple (5+) inappropriate spam text messages a day. They are not initially flagged by Google messages and making it through to my inbox. They are extremely annoying! I have spam blocker turned on but it does not seem to be working. Any suggestions on how to stop these annoying messages?

Are others seeing a recent increase in spam texts?

Over the last week I have received an average 4 – 5 spam texts, all on ED, every day, up from zero most days for the last couple of years. I block and report the numbers as spam, but since they all come from different phone numbers I doubt that really helps. Are others seeing this too? Is it just my unlucky phone number or a broader GFi issue?

Due to this problem, affected users are forced to constantly re-block spam phone numbers that they have previously blocked.

This also started really recently for me as well. I can ignore them but it’s like 5x a day and I have to re-block a new # each time

Official acknowledgment

The Google Fi team is already aware of the ‘irregular spam SMS situation’ that many of its users have been experiencing in recent days.

At the moment, the company only assures that they are always working on improving spam filtering. But there are no details of when the current Google Fi spam SMS issue will be resolved.

Hey, Cad! We’re always working to improve spam filtering for calls and texts and we’re aware of the recent influx. Thanks for letting us know and we’ll continue working to improve filtering so you only get the calls and texts that matter to you.

We will update this story as events unfold.

Featured Image: Google Fi

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